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SOARING is designed to recognize and reward those students that are taking the initiative to make the most of their university experience. Through SOARING, you are also able to network and make new friends by attending events and through valuable networking opportunities that are made available by the SOARING program.

The ADVANCE component is specially designed to enhance the experience of continuing students. Activities identified for ADVANCE highlight activities and information that every student can use to supplement their academic career.

SOARING Points can be accumulated for participation in workshops/events held in the your faculty, college, student clubs/ government/organizations and other activities on the York campus. The more you attend, the more points you can amass, and the higher your chance of winning monthly prizes.

Advance - Points

By participating in workshops, activities, events or volunteering, students obtain points that are accumulated during the period in which the Program is running. You can then receive recognition for your participation through a SOARING Certificate and Letter of Recognition.

Here are some tips to where you can go to get the points you need for SOARING:

Skills and Success Points (SS)

Participation Points (P)

Volunteer Points (V)

Leadership Points (LE)

Links to help you earn SOARING  points-