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Policy on Attendance and Participation

The Fundamentals of Learning program permits you to continue your studies during the 2015-2016 academic year without interruption expressly to enable you to improve your academic skills and approaches to university learning. Therefore, your acceptance into the Fundamentals of Learning program comes with the expectation of the program instructors and director that you will attend and participate fully in all lectures, tutorials, and individualized learning sessions and that you will be punctual in your attendance.

Students who demonstrate a pattern of absenteeism or disengagement from the program will be subject to review by program instructors, the program director and/or the Associate Dean Students. As the program is participatory in nature, students with excessive absence or lateness may receive a failing grade in Fundamentals of Learning.

In cases where extenuating circumstances arise that impact on students' progress in the program (including illness, accident, major life events), students are expected to notify their respective tutorial leaders and the program director promptly and to complete the required work of the program without delay.

Special note: Withdrawal from Fundamentals of Learning may only be arranged under certain circumstances and through the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies. non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal from the program.