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Policy on Grading

The Fundamentals of Learning program is a Pass/Fail program structured to ensure your regular active participation and development of skills. Students who participate fully in all aspects of the program will gradually internalize the skills and discipline required for university success. Students should note that, although the value of individual assignments and journals is small, completion and submission of weekly assignments are the chief means by which they will ensure a passing grade in the program and see progress in their credit courses.

To achieve a passing grade in the program, students must earn a minimum final score equivalent to an B+. While students who receive a failing grade will be permitted to continue in current credit courses, they may be required to withdraw from their studies for twelve months at the end of the academic session depending on progress made in credit courses. Students are strongly urged to review the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Regulations concerning debarment, which carries more serious consequences than a required withdrawal. The minimum period for debarment is normally two years. A student who is debarred is no longer a student at York University and must reapply for admission, which is not guaranteed.