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Students in LA&PS who have been required to withdraw are invited to consider participating in the Fundamentals of Learning Program.

This program is designed to help students improve the academic and personal skills needed for success at university and in life outside the classroom. Success in the program relies on your active participation in a process of changing how you approach school and life. Without your full participation, the ideas and strategies presented in the program are of limited value; but, when students embrace the process and work hard to improve, tremendous outcomes are possible.

Here are some of the topics you'll encounter in Fundamentals: time management; reading, note-taking and exam techniques; critical thinking, researching, and writing essays; memory and concentration; the university system; issues of procrastination and motivation; the diversity of the York academic and demographic profile and the way individual students connect to the institution; campus resources; life and career planning; choices of major; and personal issues such as self-esteem, managing emotions, and confidence. The program is grounded in current theory and practice related to student success, human development, and retention.

If you're considering enrolling in Fundamentals of Learning, you should know that it is a pass/fail, non-credit program. The cost of the program is the same as for a 6-credit course, but these costs are not counted by/eligible for/covered by OSAP. The program is organized like a full-year course, and runs through the F/W term. It comprises weekly lectures, tutorials, readings and assignments. Additionally, students will be encouraged to take part in various campus events and to make regular use of campus resources in support of their academic progress and success. The program design balances intensive instruction and support with opportunities for engagement in University life inside and outside the classroom. All students admitted to Fundamentals of Learning will attend a short orientation event and complete an orientation assignment during the summer period preceding the start of the program.

Because acceptance into Fundamentals of Learning permits students to continue in a limited number of credit courses when they would ordinarily be prevented from doing so, the program requires that its students make (and live up to) a commitment to attendance, punctuality, and participation. Students seeking to enrol in Fundamentals of Learning merely to avoid the penalty of required withdrawal are strongly advised to reflect on the causes of their academic difficulties and to discuss their circumstances with the program director or advisor before applying.

Readings and Assignments

Regular weekly readings and assignments for Fundamentals of Learning (FND 0100) are hosted on the course Moodle site which will be made available during the first week of the school year. Students will not have to purchase expensive books or reading kits separately. It will be the responsibility of every student enrolled, however, to make full and regular use of the materials provided.