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York Grades

  • All course grades, including those assigned after a deferred examination(s) are derived from an evaluation of examination and term work, unless otherwise decided.
  • With the exception of courses explicitly required for certification by a professional body, or other exceptions agreed to by Senate, students pass or fail a course on the basis of final course average, without the additional requirement of having to obtain a passing grade on a final examination. (This does not preclude the possibility of a final examination representing more than 50 per cent of the final grade in a particular course or the requirement that a student pass a specific course lab component.)
  • Unless Senate agrees to explicit exemptions, eligibility to proceed in or graduate from an undergraduate degree program will not be based on a minimum grade requirement for each major course. It should be noted that this does not preclude setting requirements for a minimum cumulative grade point average in a major subject area. Nor does this preclude setting individual course grade requirements when a course is a prerequisite for upper-level courses or as part of a core requirement. Course grades are not official until released by the University.
  • The letter-grade system is the fundamental system of assessment of performance in undergraduate programs at York University. In courses where percentages are used as a means of reporting grades on individual pieces of work, the following conversion table is to be used in converting percentage grades to letter grades, unless alternative provisions for scaling and/or conversion are announced to students in writing within the first two weeks of classes.
From PercentageTo Letter GradeGrade Point

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