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Graduating Students

General Information for Graduating Students

If you think you're in a position to graduate at the next available convocation ceremony (June for those taking their last courses in Fall/Winter or October for those taking their last course), here's what you should do:

  1. Confirm that you have satisfied all your degree requirements to date and that you are enrolled in the final required courses for your degree. There are a few ways to do this:
    • Check the degree requirements in the calendar for the year you entered your program. If you've always been in the same program, check the calendar in the year you entered York. If you changed programs at some point at York, check the calendar for the year you entered the program you expect to graduate from.
    • Check your Degree Progress Report
      Note: not all LA&PS programs have active degree progress reports.
    • If you've checked your status and have questions or concerns about your eligibility, book an appointment with one of our academic advisors.
  2. If you are not enrolled in the courses you need to graduate, you should adjust your course selection accordingly, as soon as possible. Remember, there are firm deadlines associated with adding or dropping courses.
  3. Apply to graduate. Once you have applied to graduate, the Registrar's Office will audit your record and let you know if you are potentially eligible based on courses completed to date and currently enrolled. Another audit will take place when final grades are released at the end of the academic session.
  4. Plan for attending graduation by checking the dates and details.

Taking courses after graduation

If you want to continue your studies at York after graduation, there are a few options:

  1. If you graduated with a Bachelor's (90 credit) degree and want to return to complete your Honours degree in the same program within a year of convocation, you can simply enroll in courses as you would normally to complete your final year and Honours degree requirements.
  2. If you graduated with a Bachelor's (90 credit) degree but didn't enroll in the most recent fall/winter session and you now want to return to complete your Honours degree in the same program, you must reactivate your record.
  3. If you want to return to York to take courses but not towards a specific degree program, you can select Non-degree status.
  4. If you want to pursue a second degree (either undergraduate or graduate), you must re-apply through York Admissions.
  5. You may want to review the variety of certificate programs that are available at LA&PS.
  6. You may also want to consider the courses and programs that are availabe through Continuing Education at York.


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