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Grandparented Rules FAQs

For Former Atkinson and Arts Students

What are "grandparented rules"?

"Grandparented rules" allow students to complete their studies following the rules of the programs they were in prior to the Fall/Winter 2009-2010 Session. This includes all major and degree requirements including general education requirements and upper level requirements, as well as the electives or required credits outside the major.

How long do I have to complete my degree under the "grandparented rules"?

Students who continue in their original program have until the end of the Summer 2016 Session to complete their current program under the grandparented rules.

When will students in progress be moved to the new Faculty?

Students will remain in their current Faculty (Arts or Atkinson) until the end of the Summer 2009 Session. Current Faculty of Arts or Atkinson students enrolling for the Fall/Winter 2009-2010 Session will enrol in courses under their new Faculty during the enrolment period.

What will happen to students who begin their studies at York in the Summer 2009 Session?

New students who are admitted and register in either the Faculty of Arts or Atkinson for the Summer 2009 Session, will be moved to their new Faculty for the Fall/Winter 2009-2010 Session. These students will enrol in fall/winter 2009-2010 courses in their new Faculty in June and will be allowed to continue in their original degree program under "grandparented rules" (see above).

I am a continuing student in the Faculty of Arts or Atkinson and I want to change my program for September 2009. What program rules will I follow? How do I make the change?

Students moved to LA&PS or FSE who modify their degree program will follow the rules of their new Faculty. This includes students who change their degree, change their major, declare a major for the first time, add or drop a second major or minor, or who declare a new stream. The Undergraduate 2009-2010 Calendar will be published in May 2009 and will include details about the full range of degrees and programs that will be offered in LA&PS. Change of Major/Program or Change of Degree forms are available online through the Current Students Web site.

When I started at York in September 2008 I was undecided about my major. Should I declare my major prior to enrolment in my new Faculty?

Faculty of Arts or Atkinson students who declare their major during the 2008-2009 academic year will be permitted to continue in their existing degrees and programs of study following the grandparented rules. Former Arts or Atkinson students who declare their major or modify their program will follow the rules established by their new Faculty.

I was admitted for September 2008 and am following the rules that were in place for my major when I got here. In the new Faculty my program has options that appeal to me. How can I continue in my major, but follow the new program rules?

Students who wish to follow the new requirements for their degree program (or who modify their program of study in any way) must formally change their program of study. This requires the submission of a Change of Major/Program form, available online through the Current Students Web site. In making any change to their program, students will be required to follow new program and Faculty requirements. Students cannot combine old and new rules. Completed courses from the original program will count toward the new program.

I am a student completing my program of study under grandparented rules and have, or am thinking of, taking a break in my studies. What rules will I be expected to follow when I return?

Students in grandparented programs who have been away for less than four consecutive sessions and who reactivate into programs in LA&PS or FSE before the Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Session will be eligible to follow grandparented program rules from their original Faculty (Faculty of Arts or Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies).

Students in grandparented programs who are away for more than four consecutive sessions, or who reactivate after the Summer 2012 Session will follow the rules implemented by the new Faculty. All students who request reactivation as of Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Session and subsequent sessions will follow the rules implemented by the new Faculty.

Students who have not graduated from programs with grandparented rules as of the Summer 2016 Session will complete degrees and programs under rules implemented by their new Faculty.

* Exception: Computer Science students who temporarily suspend their studies and return to a Computer Science program will be expected to complete current degree requirements upon reactivation. (Addendum approved by CCAS, September10, 2008)

I have more questions. Who can I contact for information?

You may e-mail your questions to