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Honours Progression

Programs not included:

Faculty of Education, Osgoode, Schulich School of Business, Faculty of Health BScN and LA&PS BAS,BDEM, BHRM, BPA programs.

Honours Progression Requirement:

Under the Honours progression requirement students in an Honours BA, iBA or BSW degree will be eligible to maintain their Honours status as long as they can reasonably expect to attain the 5.0 cumulative grade point average to "graduate with Honours" as they progress through each year level of their degree.

The Honours progression year level requirement is based on a students total earned (passed) credits (York and transfer credits). Students who do not have a 5.0 cumulative grade point average may proceed in Honours on warning providing they meet the year level and minimum cumulative grade point average to proceed.

Year Level Total Earned Credits Minimum Cumulative GPA
Year 1 Less than 24 earned credits 4.00
Year 2 24-53 earned credits 4.25
Year 3 54-83 earned credits 4.80
Year 4 84 earned credits or greater 5.00

Failure to meet honours progression requirement:

  • Students will automatically be placed in a bachelor program if applicable.
  • BSW students will be ineligible to proceed in the program. Students with less than 84 earned credits must change their degree. Students who have completed 84 earned credits and less than 120 credits may petition for an Honours waiver.

Change of program

Students who meet the minimum progression requirement for Honours and are requesting a change of major/minor or a change of degree or Faculty transfer to an Honours program may do so.

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