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Academic Orientation

Orientation is your first opportunity to learn about York University and all that it has to offer. It is also a great way to start your academic career on the right foot. You'll learn a lot about the University within your first few weeks on campus. Orientation is a critical first stop.

Upon admission to York, you'll be assigned to a college. Your college affiliation is determined by your program of study. If you live in residence, you'll be assigned to the college affiliated with that residence. It is important to know your college affiliation because your orientation will occur at the college level.

Your first experience with your college will be through academic orientation. Colleges run orientation days at the beginning of the academic year. During your academic orientation you'll learn valuable information relevant to your program of study. We strongly advise you attend academic orientation within the college affiliated with your program.

Who's Invited: all first-year students are especially invited, but transfer and mature students are also welcome.


PDF -- Faculty Information Book -- Everything You Want to Know about LA&PS