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Pass/Fail Alternative Grading Option

The Faculty wants capable upper-year students to feel free to enrol in free-choice courses without fear of jeopardizing their grade point average. For this reason, students may take a limited number of such courses for full degree credit on an ungraded basis. Courses taken on this basis are listed on the transcript as either pass or fail. Neither of these two grades is calculated into the studentís grade point averages. The course director forwards a written evaluation of the studentís work in the course to the student and to the Registrarís Office. The following regulations apply to courses taken as a pass/fail alternative grading option:

  • Only students who are not under academic warning, debarment warning, or academic probation may take such courses.
  • Students may apply to take such courses only after they have successfully completed (passed) 24 credits.
  • Courses taken on a pass/fail alternative grading option may not be used for courses taken to satisfy major, minor, general education or certificate requirements.
  • The ungraded option cannot be used by students in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies for 1000-level science courses or non-major courses required to satisfy program requirements.
  • Students registered in an Honours program may take a maximum of 12 credits as a pass/fail alternative grading option.
  • Students registered in a bachelor program may take a maximum of six credits as a pass/fail alternative grading option.
  • Students who wish to designate a course as pass/fail alternative grading option must do so within the first two weeks of the term in which the course begins; they must first obtain the signature of the course director on the form available for this purpose from Student Client Services. The completed form should then be returned to Student Client Services.
  • Students who elect to complete a course as a pass/fail alternative grading option can switch back to a graded basis until the last date to drop a course without academic penalty.

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