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Requests for Reappraisal of Final Grades

Students may, with sufficient grounds, request that a final grade in a course be reappraised ( Further information may be obtained from the department/school offering the course. Students applying to have a grade reappraised in a Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies course should note the following:

  • The Senate approved deadline** for submitting grade reappraisals is  the scheduled date for the term in which a course is completed and the grade released: 
    • Winter Term: June 15
    • Summer Term: September 30; 
    • Fall Term: February 15.
    In all cases, a minimum of 21 days from the date of the release of grades will be allowed.
  • Students may question the marking of specific pieces of work, or the overall course grade. Normally, however, only written work can be reassessed.
  • When a student asks for a reappraisal, an original grade may be raised, lowered or confirmed.
  • Students wishing to request the reappraisal of a final grade should fill out the appropriate form available from the department/school offering the course and submit it to the same office.
  • The decision of the department/school may be appealed to the Faculty only on grounds of procedural irregularity or new evidence.

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