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Undecided Majors

Some students may have been admitted to LA&PS as "Undecided Majors". This simply means that, at the point of application and admission, they were not prepared to choose a major at that time. They wanted to take 1st year to decide on a major. However, once a student completes 1st year, (minimum of 24 credits), they must choose a major.

Here are some important considerations when choosing a major:

  • Have you explored your options fully? See available programs & certificates.
  • Do you enjoy the subject? Pick a major that satisfies you, not your friends or relatives. You will achieve greater success if you have an affinity for the subject.
  • How do you know you will enjoy being a major in this program? Have you taken courses in it already? If not, speak to current students in the program. Meet with professors in the program. Ask for permission to sit in on a few courses.
  • Are you eligible for the program? (e.g. some programs are honours programs only)
  • Will your new program help you achieve your goals after graduation?

You will find more important information about changing your program here.


PDF -- Faculty Information Book -- Everything You Want to Know about LA&PS