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Hear from our faculty

Wilburn Hayden, JrWilburn Hayden, Jr.
Professor & Director, School of Social Work

"York is a great place to become a professional social worker. Our programs are strongly focused on critical practice based upon a commitment to human rights and social justice. Our graduates are prepared to go beyond learning about methods and agencies for doing social work. You will come to see your future work as strengthening individuals, groups and institutions for creating change. This means you will be in a dynamic learning environment exploring various avenues for making a difference in our society."

Bonita LawrenceBonita Lawrence
Coordinator - Race, Ethnicity & Indigeneity, School of Equity Studies

"York features a wide range of programming for Aboriginal students, including Indigenous studies at the undergraduate level through the REI program, an Indigenous Studies certificate and a proposed graduate program in Indigenous Thought. We also have a range of programming addressing other aspects of diversity, such as anti-racism and diaspora studies, offered through the REI program. Our faculty members have an extensive focus on community empowerment through their research and activism. This makes York an exciting place, where vital discussions takes place within the classroom."

Ying KongYing Kong
Associate Professor, School of Economics

"Teaching, programs and services in LA&PS are all student-centred. We offer students opportunities to connect inside and outside of the classroom with great faculty; programs that are unique and innovative; and a relevant curriculum that gives them valuable, career-ready experience and shows them how their studies work in the real world. The Faculty’s mission is to support all students in their goals and to make their aspirations a reality."

Diane ZornDiane Zorn
Course Instructor, School of Administrative Studies

"Students can trust the quality of teaching and learning provided at York; the University’s inclusive and progressive teaching and learning environment encourages critical and independent thinking — the sort of liberating and innovative thinking that challenges dominant ideologies. LA&PS is a community that meets the diverse learning and support needs of students on their own terms, including providing fully online, rich-media, learning environments with video and audio podcasts of lectures. Students have the option to customize their learning environments and to learn on-the-go."

Saeed RahnemaSaeed Rahnema
Professor, School of Public Policy and Administration
Department of Political Science

"The York classroom is an exciting learning environment where full-time and working students with diverse experience and backgrounds engage in lively discussions. This ensures that different perspectives are explored and discussed while helping students to gain a broad and diverse understanding of issues for dealing with social realities and circumstances."

Jimmy HuangJimmy Huang
Associate Professor, School of Information Technology

"York is becoming more and more research oriented. Many faculty members are supported by prestigious external grants such as the NSERC Individual Discovery Grant and the SSHRC Standard Grant. They also have significant industry experience — which benefits them in their research while also adding a unique dimension to the classroom."
You-Ta ChuangYou-Ta Chuang
Associate Professor, School of Administrative Studies

"York students and faculty come from all over the world. Such a composition creates a unique and dynamic learning environment that redefines higher education and research. It helps students prepare for tomorrow's challenges."
Diana Cooper-ClarkDiana Cooper-Clark
Associate Professor, Department of English

"As a former York student, I am proud to be a part of an ongoing commitment to learning and teaching excellence. LA&PS offers an exciting range of courses that reflect the passions and scholarly directions of our students and faculty."
Joseph MensahJoseph Mensah
Associate Professor, Department of Social Science

"Exceptionally couched in York’s tradition of social justice, the LA&PS classroom is a venue for the celebration of diverse, provocative knowledge — a place where majority and minority voices are in constant contestation in search of progressive prescience."

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