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Hear from our students

Farrah AnsariFarrah Ansari

"I love my program of study, my professors and the York atmosphere itself. The University really brings out my passion for education and has inspired me to pursue graduate studies. York shows that school is more than just books and lectures; whether it's hitting the gym, participating in campus activities, or grabbing lunch with your friends, York virtually has everything you could want."

Nisha DamaniNisha Damani
Social Work

"York is like my second home - a city within a city. The best part about the University is that it doesn't feel like you're at school all of the time. I can study whenever or wherever I desire, go to Pub Night if I want to spend time with friends, have a delicious and nutritious meal from various venues and shop if I need to as well. It's like a one-stop-place for everything!"

Lavaniya DayananthanLavaniya Dayananthan

"York is a great school to attend because it offers you a challenging academic experience with intellectual professors, teaching assistants and like-minded students. You can enjoy pub nights, YorkFest - a yearly festival - and many extra curricular activities where you can get involved. When entering university you may feel as if you are only a number, but at York you're given the opportunity to have a voice in the community and to be heard."

Ashley HadeedAshley Hadeed
Communication Studies

"I love York because of its great diversity; the learning experiences I've had; the amazing professors; the awesome campus life with so many clubs to choose from; and my fantastic program, which makes me want to come to class more and more each day!"

Edward FennerEdward Fenner
Professional Writing, Science & Society (minor)

"I came to York at age 40 to earn a degree, and after six years of hard work I am about to achieve that goal - an Honours BA. Now I am thinking about graduate school and beyond. Along the way I assembled our community of mature students and raised our collective profile. We now enjoy a club - the York University Mature Students Organization - and administrative services unlike ever before. Being an adult learner is richly rewarding in myriad ways beyond the books and lectures. I am a better writer and editor than before. I am more engaged and connected overall. I am a more critical thinker but I am also more adventurous. The way must be tried, indeed."

Erinn Michèle TreffErinn Michèle Treff
Social Work, MSW

"I chose York for two main reasons: 1) the offered great funding for my master's degree and 2) my undergraduate degree in Women's Studies was taught from an anti-oppressive, interdisciplinary focus and I felt York's Master of Social Work program was a great complement to my degree. I wanted to continue a multidimensional focus in my studies, and York has enabled me to do that. I am discovering more about myself as a person, a student and a social worker. My work with Dr. Uzo Anucha has allowed me to begin an internship with the Municipal Affairs and Housing - one step closer to my dream of becoming a policy analyst."

Priti SinghPriti Singh

"My program has taught me so much about society. My professors are engaging in their lectures, understanding and fun. I can say for sure when I graduate from York University that I will feel more than prepared to enter the work force. I love being a York student!"

Lua FarnoushLua Farnoush
Administrative Studies, Marketing

"Being a transfer student, I've come to appreciate how York sets itself apart from other universities. This is a school that allows students to expand their learning to many areas without sacrificing a focused education. York encourages free thought, and they hire professors that encourage students to get creative. This is a university that, above all else, challenges convention."

Hear more about Lua's thoughts on York. Watch a video.

Ani MamikonAni Mamikon
Criminology & Political Science

"My professors have challenged my critical thinking and directed me towards excellence. As a prospective law student, my four years at York have given me the necessary skills to excel in law school."

Pritesh PatelPritesh Patel
Administrative Studies, Accounting

"Through the SOARING program offered by the Centre for Student Success, I have learned ways to succeed in university. At York, you can never go unnoticed since even the smallest efforts made by students are acknowledged at every level."


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