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Requirements Prior to 2015/16

Honours (specialized) BA Program – ENPR

The Specialized Honours Degree in English and Professional Writing (ENPR) requires 78 credits in the major.

1000-level (15 credits)

  • AP/WRIT 1700 9.0 (Y) Process and Practice (note: counts as 6 credits towards the major)
  • AP/PRWR 1007 3.0 (F) Rhetoric
  • AP/EN 1001 3.0 (F) Introduction to Literary Study
  • AP/EN 1002 3.0 (W) Intertextualities

2000-level (18 credits)

  • AP/WRIT 2720 6.0 (Y) Prose: Style & Argument
  • AP/WRIT 2300 3.0 (Y) Writer's Introduction to Research
  • AP/WRIT 2710 3.0 (F) Grammar and Proofreading
  • six (6) credits from 2000-level AP/EN courses, not in Professional Writing

Note: students may complete a maximum of six (6) credits from the 2200 series of AP/EN courses for major credit in English and Professional Writing.

3000- and 4000-level (18-24 credits)

  • PRWR stream required courses (15 credits)
  • six (6) credits in 3000-level AP/EN courses, not in Professional Writing
  • twelve (12) credits in 4000-level AP/EN courses, not in Professional Writing

English Curriculum Area/Category Requirements in the ENPR Program

Students who began this program prior to FW 09/10 will continue to follow the old English curriculum. Students beginning this program as of FW 09/10, must follow the new English Dept. curriculum (see the English supplemental calendar).

Under the old curriculum (prior to FW 09/10), all English courses (above the 1000 level) were placed in seven areas. Please consult the English Department's calendar for a listing of courses by area. Students following the old curriculum must complete courses from three of the areas (other than area 7) as follows:

  • at least six (6) credits chosen from area 4.1 or 4.2 at the 3000 or 4000 level
  • nine (9) credits chosen from two areas other than areas 4.1, 4.2 or 7, including at least six (6) credits from one of area 1, area 2, area 3, area 4.3, area 5 or area 6

Students following the new English curriculum must complete the required number of credits from the new curricular categories as follows:

  • Six (6) credits at the 2000 level from Categories A, B or C
  • Six (6) credits at the 3000 level from Category C – British
  • Six (6) credits at the 4000 level from Categories A or B
  • Six (6) credits at the 4000 level from Category C
Stream Requirements

Program Streams

Every student must declare a stream in order to be assured of a spot in any third- or fourth-year major course. All Professional Writing courses at the third and fourth years are part of one of the streams, and class spaces are reserved for in-stream students. For the purposes of registration, students out of stream (including those who have not declared a stream) will be considered as English majors, and will only be able to register for third and fourth-year Professional Writing courses when other English majors can as well, usually in mid-July. We cannot guarantee spaces in any class to students who have not declared the appropriate stream.

Declaration selection forms will be handed out at the end of the fall term, i.e. December, in AP/EN 2720 6.0 Prose: Style & Argument, and will also be distributed via e-mail through the program listserv.

Declaration forms are due back to the program office, 301 Calumet College, by the end of January. Students who do not submit this form on time may not be placed in a stream in time for registration for their third-year courses.

To be placed in a stream, students must have completed at least 54 credits, including all 1000- and 2000- level requirements in ENPR, while also maintaining honours standing. We will assign places in each stream in order of CGPA, starting with 9.0 students and ending with 4.25 students. Students not maintaining Honours standing may petition to continue in Honours and in the English and Professional Writing Program.

Students should note that placement in any stream cannot be guaranteed. Students with low CGPAs may not be able to get into the stream of their choice.

Official stream placement does not take place until the final grades for the winter academic session are processed (i.e. mid-May). Students may request a change of stream at any point thereafter, though such requests take time to process. Any student's selection of stream is taken as binding until the program office receives a written request to change it.

Students who have not submitted a stream declaration selection form by the spring of second year will not be placed into a stream and will be considered to have changed their major to something other than Professional Writing. Such students will not be able to enrol in third-year English and Professional Writing courses at the beginning of the enrolment period.

Book Stream

The book stream provides an opportunity to develop enhanced understanding of the history of books and book publishing, and to acquire practical skills in the field through courses in book design, editing, copy-editing, and graphics.

Required courses in the Book stream:

  • AP/WRIT 3720 6.0 Books and Bookmaking (cross-listed to AP/EN 3720 6.00)
  • AP/WRIT 3730 3.0 Substantive Editing
  • AP/PRWR 3720 3.0 Fundamentals of Editing
  • AP/PRWR 3910 3.0 The Mechanics of Style
  • AP/WRIT 4721 6.0 Book Publishing Practicum
  • AP/WRIT 4722 6.0

Periodical Stream

In the Periodical stream, students investigate the primary genres within the publication of periodicals (both newspapers and magazines), and develop practical expertise in such areas as editing, research for reporting, and the production of feature articles and special issues.

Required courses in the periodical stream:

  • AP/WRIT 3700 6.0 Introduction to Periodical Writing or AP/EN 3180 6.0 Literary Nonficton.
  • AP/PRWR 3710 3.0 Research Methods for Reporting
  • AP/PRWR 3720 3.0 Fundamentals of Editing
  • AP/WRIT 3730 3.0 Substantive Editing
  • AP/WRIT 4700 6.0 The Special Issue
  • AP/WRIT 4701 3.0 Periodical Writing: Theory & Ethics (cross-listed to: AP/EN 4701 3.00) and AP/EN 4750 3.00 or AP/WRIT 4752 3.00 (cross-listed to: AP/EN 4752 3.00);

Institutional Communications Stream

The institutional communications stream offers concentrated study of the forms of writing practiced in such institutional settings as corporations and governments, as well as the development of skills in presentation strategies, net-based communications, and document design.

Required courses in the Institutional Communications stream:

  • AP/WRIT 3710 6.0 Introduction to Institutional Writing
  • AP/PRWR 3720 3.0 Fundamentals of Editing
  • AP/PRWR 3810 3.0 Digesting Technical Information
  • AP/PRWR 3820 3.0 Workshop in Presentation Strategies
  • AP/PRWR 4800 3.0 Advanced Workshop 1: Visual Information and Document Design
  • AP/WRIT 4710 3.0 The Ethics of Publicity
  • AP/WRIT 4711 3.0 Practical Studies in Damage Control