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Online Writing Instruction

The Writing Department provides online instruction in writing during the Fall and Winter sessions for York University students registered in courses in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies. You can send us the draft of a paper you're working on in a course, and one of our instructors will return it to you with comments and suggestions on its structure, organization, and argumentation.

Please note that we don't proofread, edit, or "correct" drafts. We comment on substantive writing problems, though we can also help you identify patterns of difficulty with grammar or spelling in your writing. It's unlikely that we'll read more than five or six pages of a draft (1500 words), so you may want to send just a portion of a draft or ask us to look especially at matters of particular concern to you (e.g., wordy sentences or problems with word choice). Be sure, however, to include full information about the specific assignment you're working on and additional information about the course that you think would be helpful to us.

You can submit your draft at any stage in the writing process, but we recommend that you send it at least two weeks before your assignment is due so you can consider our suggestions carefully and make the best use of them. Our usual response time is between 48 and 72 hours, but during periods of heavy volume we take longer.

Online writing instruction is intended as a supplement to one-to-one, in-person appointments. It doesn't provide all the benefits of talking with an instructor in person about your writing, so we urge you to register at the Writing Department, S311 Ross Building, to make an appointment to meet with an instructor there.

How to Submit Your Draft

Submitting a draft is a simple 4-step process. Fill in the short form requesting information about yourself (name, student number, York e-mail address), the name and number of the LA&PS course you're writing the paper for, and a full description of the assignment you've received from your instructor. Then copy your draft from your word processor and paste the copy into the box provided. Tell us the date when your assignment is due, and add any special requests you may have (e.g., for help with a particular component of a paper such as a thesis statement).

A valid York University e-mail address is required for online writing instruction. We'll return your draft with our comments and suggestions to your York University e-mail address.

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