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Course Requirement FAQs
Q: Which courses should I take?

All requirements are listed below online. PRWR degree checklists are also available online. If you first enrolled as a PRWR major in the academic year 2008-09 or later, then you must follow the requirements contained in the current supplemental calendar.

However, if you first enrolled as a PRWR major in a prior year, then you are considered to be "grandparented" with respect to the rules that apply to you. That is, you will have the option either of following the rules that were in effect when you first enrolled or of following the current rules (but not of following both, or a combination of both).

If you are a returning student and are eligible for grandparented status, you must let the Program Coordinator or the Program Assistant know which option you have chosen during your first year of enrolment after July 1, 2009. Although in other departments of the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies students otherwise eligible for grandparenting may forfeit this option if, after July 1, 2009, they modify their major or minor (for example, by changing or adding a major or a minor), students in the Writing Department (and thus in the PRWR Program), may change streams or add or change a major or minor without affecting their grandparented status.

The grandparenting provision expires at the end of the 2015-2016 academic year.

I took a course similar to one of the PRWR requirements at another school. Can't I get credit for that?

When you were first admitted York, your transfer credits were calculated by Admissions. If you took a course at another school after being admitted to York, you would need a Letter of Permission to receive credit for that work. If you have not received credit for a course that you believe is similar to a York course required for the PRWR degree, you may ask the PRWR Coordinator for a waiver (though it can't be guaranteed that you will receive one).

I'd rather not take course X, which is a PRWR requirement, but I would be willing to take course Y, which isn't a requirement but is similar to X, in its place. May I make the substitution?

No. A requirement is a requirement. Of course, if you have "grandparented" status and a course that was required at your time of entry to the program but that you haven't yet taken is no longer taught, then you will have to substitute a course that is currently open for registration. For this substitution, you will need to have the formal approval of the PRWR Coordinator.

I don't quite have honours standing. Can't I continue in Professional Writing anyway?

If you have completed your first year (having earned at least 24 credits), you need to maintain a 4.25 cumulative GPA for honours standing during your second year. If you have completed your second year (having earned at least 54 credits), then you need to maintain a 4.80 cumulative GPA for honours standing during your third year.

During these two years, if you are within a few hundredths of a point of honours standing, you may petition the PRWR Coordinator for a waiver to continue in the PRWR Program. However, when you reach 90 earned credits, if you do not have a 5.00 cumulative GPA, you simply will not be allowed to continue in and graduate from the PRWR Program. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

What would I do then?

You could take an ordinary (non-honours) degree in English or some other subject, but you would have to fulfill all the requirements for that degree. If you are in a double-major or major-minor program, then you would drop PRWR in favour of the other program.

How do I calculate my GPA?

There is an online GPA calculator at

I'm in my fourth year and I want to ensure that I have all the credits I need to graduate. How do I do that?

Go online to York University's My Graduation web page and click on "Apply to Graduate." When you have filed your application, it will be reviewed by the Degree Audit office.

A "Degree Checklist" is also available online at www.yorku. ca/mygrad/Convocation/gradchecklist.htm". If you wish to have the Program Assistant help you with your degree audit, you must appear in person at the PRWR Office to make an appointment for that assistance.

Course Enrolment and Registration FAQs
Why can't I enrol in the course(s) I want? The online registration system won't let me.

You may not meet the requirements. Either you've fallen out of honours standing, or you haven't accumulated enough credits for that level of course, or you are not registered in a stream that would enable you to enrol.

If you have only recently applied to the PRWR program, then it may take several weeks for your paperwork to be processed. Alternatively, the course may just be full. If you can't figure out for yourself what the problem is, come to the PRWR office to see the PRWR Program Assistant.

I know the course is full, but I really want to get in. Would you please let me in anyway? Can I get on a waiting list?

No. We don't maintain waiting lists for courses. However, openings frequently occur during the first few weeks of classes as other students adjust their schedules – you should log into the registration system often so that if a spot does open up, you can take it. Of course, you cannot enrol online after the date for enrolling without the permission of the instructor has passed.

OK, does that mean that all I have to do is get the permission of the instructor?

No. Many classes are strictly capped because of fire regulations regarding the assigned room. Moreover, even if there is physical space for you, most instructors limit the size of their classes for pedagogical reasons. You can always ask an instructor for permission to enrol, but even if she or he does give you permission, you cannot get in the course unless you also have the permission of the PRWR Coordinator. Such permissions are not routinely given.

But I have to enrol in X – It's required.

It's a good idea to enrol as early as you can in the courses you're required to take, so that you are assured of a spot.

But I have to enrol in X – I'm supposed to graduate at the end of this year.

Sorry – the answer still has to be no. It's especially important to for you to enrol early when you need that course to graduate. The early bird gets the worm, and all that.

I have been assigned to a tutorial section but I have a conflict. Can I change into another tutorial section?

When you registered for the lecture, your tutorial section was also confirmed. You cannot change the tutorial once it has been assigned.

But I've talked with the leader of another tutorial section that I like and she says it's OK. Can't I just switch?

No. Your grades will be recorded according to your participation in the tutorial to which you have been assigned. If you don't attend that tutorial and don't turn in assignments to the tutorial leader of that section, you will be graded accordingly, even if you participate in another tutorial section.