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Consider a Double-Major or a Major/Minor

Every student in the PRWR Program is encouraged to consider either a double major or a major-minor option, and, indeed, just about any second subject may turn out to be useful if you plan to go into professional writing or publishing.

For example, a major in PRWR and a minor in music might help prepare you for a position as a music journalist. A student in the book stream in professional writing who minors in computer science may be setting the foundations for a career as a computer book editor or as a technology specialist in the publishing company.

A full range of possibilities is available within LA&PS.

Suggested Options

The Book Stream

Editorial: The Specialized Honours Degree in English and Professional Writing (the ENPR Double Major) is strongly recommended for those on an editorial path. Those interested in copyediting may alternatively want to consider a major or minor in Linguistics.

Production: The School of Administrative Studies Business Minor may include courses like AP/ADMS 3351 3.0 Operations Management, AP/ADMS 3353 3.0 Project Management, and AP/ADMS 4235 Product Management that would give a student interested in book production an advantage.

New Media: Information Technology (ITEC) offers both the double-major and the major-minor option, as does the Department of Computer Science in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. For those who are especially ambitious and technically oriented, the Department of Computer Science has a Digital Media Program - but it is not available as a double-major or a major-minor option, though you may enrol in that program as a student in the Faculty of Fine Arts. You might then take a second honours BA degree in PRWR, as suggested immediately below.

Design: The Faculty of Fine Arts, in its Department of Design, has useful courses in typography and book design in conjunction with Sheridan College. While neither a double-major nor a major-minor option is available in Design, you can take a double-major or major-minor in Visual Arts, or you can apply for a second undergraduate Bachelor of Design degree by completing additional courses. See

Business Management: Again, the Administrative Studies Business Minor would be useful, especially for courses in accounting and management policy. BookTranslation: Any double-major pairing a PRWR honours BA with a major in the literature of a language other than English would be useful for those thinking of a career in book translation. Of course, near native-speaker fluency in the second language, as well as considerable literary skill in English, would be essential. Glendon College has a dedicated translation program – see

The Institutional Communications Stream

Corporate Communications and Public Relations: The Department of Communication Studies offers the double-major and major-minor options in four areas, two of which might be of particular interest to PRWR students. The first of these is Media, Culture, and Society, which looks at social and cultural theories that examine media, and the second is Interpersonal and Organizational Communication, which looks at relationships within organizations. (Additional Info.)

Technical Writing: Pairing your PRWR degree with a second major or a minor in the Faculty of Science and Engineering would be sensible for those considering a technical writing career. For those who are interested in technical translation, a facility with or studies in a second language would obviously be additionally helpful.

The Periodical Stream

Opportunities for students in the Periodical Stream are similar to those for students in the Book Stream, though students who wish to write (or be journalists) would be well-advised to consider the ENPR Double Major or one of the double-major or major-minor options with Communication Studies.