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About the Program

The PRWR Program at York is designed for students in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies who contemplate a professional career in which writing plays a significant role. Since writing skills are important in almost all professions, one might conclude that almost all students at York could benefit from taking PRWR courses – and that's probably true. However, access to most PRWR courses is restricted to PRWR Program students, so if you have chosen PRWR as your major, you should congratulate yourself on a wise choice.

This is not to say that PRWR is a vocational program. By majoring in PRWR you are not guaranteed a job in writing (or any other field) at graduation. Further, as a university program in the Faculty of LA&PS, a PRWR major will necessarily entail developing analytic and critical skills appropriate to a university curriculum in the liberal arts, which is considerably more demanding intellectually than that which you would encounter in a college program.

PRWR is also strictly an honours program. While, technically, that means that you will have to maintain honours standing, which requires a 5.0 (C+) cumulative grade point average by the time you have earned 90 credits, in practice it also means that you will have to do better than the average student at York to remain in the program. Students who graduate with a PRWR degree are, in fact, expected to have much better than average writing skills; so if you are entering the Program in hopes of bringing your below-average writing skills up to par, you will probably have a difficult time of it.

PRWR allows for direct entry in the first year of university. You may transfer into PRWR from another program at any time, but note that there are requirements (listed later in this mini-calendar) that you must fulfill. The fact that you may be in your third year does not exempt you from the requirements indicated for the first two years of the Program (though you may receive a waiver for equivalent work done elsewhere).