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Program Requirements

Sequence of Study

A suggested, though not necessary, sequence of courses for Professional Writing students is as follows:

First academic session: (6-30 credits)

  • AP/EN/HUMA/WRIT 1700 9.0 Professional Writing: Process & Practice
  • AP/PRWR 1007 3.0 (F) Rhetoric
  • three additional credits in Professional Writing

Second academic session: (33-60 credits)

  • AP/WRIT2710 3.0 (F) Grammar and Proofreading
  • AP/WRIT 2720 6.0 Prose: Style & Argument
  • AS/WRIT 2300 3.0 A Writer's Introduction to Research

Third academic session: (63-90 credits)

Fourth academic session: (93-120 credits)

  • 12 required credits in stream
  • one additional six-credit 4000-level course

Students should take their general education courses as early in their academic careers as possible; please refer to the Faculty of LA&PS website at for more information. Students are also strongly advised not to cluster a large number of courses within the final year.

Eligibility Requirements

Students may enrol in courses according to their years of study based on the number of credits completed (i.e. both taken and passed). The Faculty of LA&PS has established the following guidelines to equate year of study with credits completed:

Year 1: up to 23 credits completed
Year 2: 24 to 53 credits completed
Year 3: 54 to 83 credits completed
Year 4: 84 credits completed

Professional Writing students must also maintain Honours standing, which requires a 5.0 (C+) cumulative Grade Point Average. Students who do not maintain this average may continue in the Professional Writing Program on warning if they meet the following year-level criteria:

Year 1 0 to 23 credits: 4.00 CGPA
Year 2 24 to 53 credits: 4.25 CGPA
Year 3 54 to 83 credits: 4.80 CGPA

Students who do not meet the above criteria can re-enter the program if they achieve a 5.00 CGPA by the completion of 90 credits.