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Group Workshops

This term the Writing Department is offering a number of group workshops dealing with the major elements of effective academic writing. Below are the titles and descriptions of the seminars offered. In some cases there is more than one section of each. Students must come to our office, S329 Ross, to check the dates and to sign up. As always, your signature is your commitment to attend.


This workshop will look at all the preliminary stages of essay writing from how to understand and select essay topics and evaluating and writing second and third drafts. Particular emphasis will be given to the initial planning and brainstorming stages and how a well-constructed outline can be the basis of an effective essay. Research techniques and priorities will also be addressed as well as the technical aspects of writing style.


This one-hour session will help you get a good start on your essays. Learn how to develop an effective thesis statement that tells the reader where you are headed.


Do you ever have trouble getting started on your essays? Do you wonder what professors expect from your assignments? The "Essays Made Easy" workshop will help you improve your writing by providing a systematic approach to essays that results in clear, well-organized papers. You will learn how to develop a well-considered thesis statement, and how to use evidence effectively to support your position. You will also discover the difference between summary and analysis, and see how they interact within an essay to provide a logical, coherent argument.


This workshop leads students through the process of writing an academic essay from understanding the assignment to handing in the final copy. It will look at how to do research and make study notes, how to organize the material, and finally, how to write the thesis statement.


The argument of your essay - your thesis developed - is only as good as your paragraphing. This session will cover typical and untypical structures of the paragraph.


Do your essays come back with comments such as sentence fragment, run-on sentence, comma splice, or short choppy sentences? Learn to recognize and correct some of the most common errors of sentence structure.


In this workshop I will describe the role of punctuation in structuring sentences in English. I will also discuss the use and relevance of the most common punctuation marks and how prepositions can also be used in longer sentences. Students will be encouraged to discuss sample sentences and their own experiences with punctuation. If time permits, a practical exercise will conclude the workshop.


This workshop will not only address formal assignments directed towards this task, but will look at how to read, understand, evaluate and locate scholarly literature in your own academic field with respect to particular assignments or the overall aims of a course or larger field.


Do you lose precious essay marks due to grammatical and stylistic errors? The Effective Editing Workshop will teach you to analyze your work logically and systematically to improve the quality and consistency of all your academic assignments. You will learn to assess content, correct common errors and proofread for accuracy. This is a hands-on workshop, so bring a writing sample and be ready to use what you learn right away!