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Criminology Homepages

G.Barak (very good)
Deborah Brock
Prof. Mike Carlie's CJ AdviseNet (Missouri State)
Prof. Todd Clear's (John Jay College)
Prof. Jeanne Curran's Dear Habermas (CSU-Dominguez Hills)
Chris Eskridge
Criminal Justice MegaLinks  (good)
Prof. Mathieu Deflem's Sociology of Crime & Justice (South Carolina)
Charles L. Dreveskracht
Prof. James Alan Fox' Dean of Death Page (Northeastern)
Prof. Henry Fradella's Website (College of New Jersey)
Prof. John Fuller's Peacemaking and Crime (West Georgia)
Phyllis Behrens Gerstenfeld
Prof. Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Links (Florida State)
Chris Greer
J. Hamlin
SSPSSR | Staff:  Dr Keith Hayward
Prof. Bruce Hoffman's (Ohio University)
Prof. Patrick Jackson's Redwood Highway (Sonoma State)
Paul Leighton: The Challenge of Crime in a Free Society  (good)
Pauls crime and justice page: criminal justice ethics - gateway to moral exploration of crime, law, police, courts, and punishment
Paul's crime and justice Page: class, race, gender and crime: social class chapter
Craig McKie
Prof. Ken Mentor's Website (UNC Pembroke)
Jay Moore  (good)
Prof. Dale Nesbary's Guide to the Internet for CJ (Oakland Univ.)
Prof. Tom O'Connor's Criminal Justice MegaLinks (NC Wesleyan)
Hal Pepinsky Material
S. Pieters
S.Pieters 2
SSPSSR | Staff:  Mike Presdee
Red Feather Home Page (very good)
Prof. Peter Reuter's Criminology and Economics Program (Maryland)
Prof. Phil Reichel's CJ Education Web Site (Northern Colorado)
Prof. Matt Robinson's Justice Blind (Appalachian State)
Prof. John Scheb's Legal Studies Website (Univ. Tennessee)
Frank Schmalleger's Cybrary of Criminal Justice Links
CJNews: Frank Schmalleger's Crime and Justice News Feed. Powered by
Schmalleger's Expanded Police News!
Prof. Harald Schweizer's Global Criminal Justice Links (Fresno State)
Prof. Ralph Taylor's CJ Methods Web Site (Temple Univ.)
Jim Thomas
Jim Thomas -Selected Publications
The Redwood Highway: Crime, Law and Related Links on the Web
Prof. David Vanderhoof's Death Penalty Resources (UNC-Pembroke)
Prof. Sam Walker's Police Accountability Page (Nebraska-Omaha)