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Economics & Political Science Resources & Journals

Resources | Journals: Economics | Journals: Political Science

A Glossary of Political Economy Terms
A Rational Life
Academic Info: Political Science
Allyn & Bacon's Sociology Links: Economy
American Universities
Assorted Canadian Political Materials
Bank of Canada Home Page - Page d'accueil de la Banque
British Library of Political and Economic Science
BusinessWeek Online
Canada: Law and Politics
Canadian Economics Association / Links - Liens
Canadian Information By Subject: Economics
G. Carchedi The Economic Determination of Social Classes
Choose any category to see conceptual and practical info
Clay Shirky's Internet Writings
Common Dreams NewsCenter - News & Views for the Progressive Community
Cultural Economics: The Hard Facts
Department of Politics, University of Wales Swansea
Directory of Electronic Journals
Donaldson (Stephen) Papers, 1965-1996
Don Slater: New Cultures and Economies
Economics 3LL3 -- Veblen (Business Enterprise)
Econ. Depts.: Non-U.S.
Economic Departments, Centres and Institutes
Economic Departments
Economic journals on the web
Econ Journals
EDIRC - Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World
E-JLE: Available Issues
E-JLE: Vol. 44, No. 1, April 2001
Electronic Text: Selective Annotated Bibliography
Google Directory - Science > Social Sciences > Economics > Political Economics
Google Directory - Science Social Sciences Economics Political Economics
Google Directory - Science Social Sciences Political Science Publications
Google Directory - Science Social Sciences Economics
Google Directory - Science Social Sciences Economics People
Google Directory - Society Issues Economic Regulations
Google Directory - Society Philosophy Philosophy of Science Philosophy of Social Science Philosophy of Economics
Google Directory - Society Politics Democracy
HomePages of IPENet Subscribers
IAFFE Home Page
IDEAS: Papers, McGill - Department of Economics
Index of /pkt/authors
International Political Economy by Date
IPENet E-Mail
IR Online > international political economy
ISERP :: Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy
Jeffrey T. Checkel
Law and Politics: Internet Guide
Legal Resources & ResearchTools (newspapers)
Marxists Internet Archive
National Bureau Of Economic Research
OECD Macrothesaurus Chapter Headings
OECD Macrothesaurus - E
OECD Makrothesaurus
PEF Members' Corner
Political Resources on the Net
Political Science - University of British Columbia Library
Political Science and Public Policy Resources : Think Tanks Etc.
Progressive Economists Network (PEN-L) Archived @ CSF
Progressive Economists Network by Author
Progressive Economists Network by Date
Resources for Political Science
RFE: Internet Economic Information
Search Engine on Political Economy / Index
Social Studies
Social Science Resources: Economics
Solicy Policy & Governance Library - Cultural Heritage Conference
Some Economics Resources on the Internet
Steve Keen's Links
Student Info: MA Contemporary Theories in GPE Reading List
The Institute for Fiscal Studies - Homepage
The Jerome Levy Economics Institute
The Scout Report for Business & Economics
The International Political Economy Network
There is a Crucial Link Between Culture and Economics
TIP/Canada - Resources - Educational Exceptionality as a Risk Factor
Turn Left...the home of Liberalism
URPE Newsletter
URPE Newsletter
Volume 22, No. 1 &2;
WebEc - WWW Resources in Economics

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Journals: Economics

ABA banking journal
AFP exchange / Association for Financial Professionals
America's community banker
American banker
American Economic Association quarterly / American Economic Association
American economic review / American Economic Association, The
American economist
American enterprise
Annals of public and cooperative economics = Annales de l'économie publique, sociale et coopérative
annals of regional science : official journal of the Western Regional Science Association, The
Applied economics
Applied economics letters
Applied financial economics
Asia-Pacific financial markets
Asian business review
Asian economic journal
Asian economic papers
Atlantic economic journal
Australia economic studies
Australian economic review
Bank accounting & finance
Bank marketing
Bank of Canada review = Revue de la Banque du Canada
Bank of England quarterly bulletin
Bank systems & technology
bankers magazine, The
Belgium economic studies
Bell journal of economics
Bell journal of economics and management science
Brazil economic studies
British journal of industrial relations / London School of Economics & Political Science
British journal of industrial relations : a journal of research and analysis covering every aspect of industrial relations in Britain and overseas
Brookings papers on economic activity / Brookings Institution
Brookings papers on economic activity. Microeconomics ...
California public finance
Canada economic studies
Canadian banker, The
Canadian business
Canadian electronics
Canadian journal of economics / Canadian Economics Association = Revue canadienne d'économique / Association Canadienne d'Économique, The
Canadian journal of economics and political science = Revue canadienne d'économie et de science politique
Carnegie-Rochester conference series on public policy
Chicago fed letter
China business review
China economic review / publ. in cooperation with the Chinese Economists Society
China economic studies
Chinese economy
Citizen Centre report
Commercial lending review
Community banker
Comparative economic studies
Competition & change
Competitiveness review
Constitutional political economy
Contemporary economic policy / Western Economic Association International.
Contributions to Canadian economics
Corporate location
Current issues in economics & finance
Eastern economic journal
Eastern European economics
Ecological economics : the journal of the International Society for Ecological Economics
Econometrica : journal of the Econometric Society
econometrics journal / Royal Economic Society, The
Economic & financial review
Economic affairs / Institute of Economic Affairs
Economic bulletin / Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung
Economic bulletin for Europe
Economic commentary
Economic development & cultural change
Economic development review
Economic geography
Economic indicators
economic journal : the journal of the Royal Economic Society, The
Economic modelling
Economic outlook (UK)
Economic perspectives
Economic policy : a European forum
Economic survey of Europe
Economic systems
Economic systems research : journal of the International Input-Output Association
Economic theory
Economic trends (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)
Economica / London School of Economics and Political Science
Economics and human biology
Economics letters
Economics of innovation & new technology
economist, The
Electronic business
Electronic commerce research
Electronic commerce research and applications
Emerging markets debt report
Emerging markets finance and trade
Emerging markets review
Empirica : journal of applied economics and economic policy
European economic review / journal of the European Economic Association
European finance review : journal of the European Finance Association
European journal of political economy
European journal of the history of economic thought, The
Experimental economics / a journal of the Economic Science Association
Federal reserve bulletin
Finance & development
Finance and stochastics
Financial executive
Financial market trends / Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Financial services review
Financial world
Games and economic behavior
Global finance journal
Growth & change
IDS bulletin / Institute of Development Studies
IMF staff papers / International Monetary Fund
IMF survey / International Monetary Fund
Industrial & labor relations review : a publication of the New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, a statutory college of the State University, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
Industrial and corporate change
Industrial relations : a journal of economy and society / Institute of Industrial Relations, University of California
Infrastructure finance
International advances in economic research
International banker
International business : strategies for the global marketplace
International contract adviser : a quarterly journal of transnational business
International economic review / publ. jointly by the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, University of Pennsylvania and the Osaka University Institute of Social and Economic Research
International insolvency review
International insurance monitor
International journal of electronic commerce
International journal of finance & economics
International journal of game theory
International journal of industrial organization
International journal of social economics / International Institute of Social Economics
International labour review / International Labour Office
International money marketing
International review of applied economics
International review of economics & finance
International review of finance
International social security review / International Social Security Association
International tax and public finance
International tax review
International trade forum
International trade journal
Journal of applied econometrics
Journal of Asian economics / published for American Committee on Asian Economic Studies
Journal of banking & finance
journal of behavioral economics, The
Journal of behavioral finance
Journal of bioeconomics
Journal of business & economic statistics
Journal of comparative economics : the journal of the Association for Comparative Economic Studies
journal of corporate taxation, The
Journal of development economics
Journal of econometrics
Journal of economic abstracts / American Economic Association
Journal of economic behavior & organization
Journal of economic dynamics & control
journal of economic education, The
Journal of economic growth
Journal of economic issues
journal of economic literature / publ. by the American Economic Association, The
Journal of economic methodology
journal of economic perspectives / a journal of the American Economic Association, The
Journal of economic psychology : research in economic psychology and behavioral economics
Journal of economic studies
Journal of economic theory
Journal of economics
Journal of economics & finance
Journal of economics and business / published for Temple University
Journal of electronic commerce in organizations
Journal of empirical finance
Journal of energy finance & development
Journal of evolutionary economics
journal of finance / American Finance Association, The
Journal of financial economics
Journal of financial markets
Journal of financial service professionals
Journal of financial services research
journal of fixed income, The
Journal of futures markets
Journal of global optimization : an international journal dealing with theoretical and computational aspects of seeking global optima and their applications in science management and engineering applications in engineering and management
Journal of graph theory
Journal of income distribution
journal of industrial economics, The
Journal of industry, competition and trade : from theory to policy
journal of insurance / American Risk and Insurance Association, The
Journal of international development / Development Studies Association
Journal of international economics
Journal of international financial markets, institutions and money : international finance educators, practitioners and policy makers, international economists, and financial economists
Journal of international management
Journal of international money and finance : theoretical and empirical research in international economics and finance
Journal of labor economics
journal of law, economics, and organization, The
Journal of macroeconomics
Journal of mathematical economics
Journal of monetary economics
Journal of money, credit, and banking
Journal of network industries
Journal of political economy, The
Journal of Post Keynesian economics
Journal of productivity analysis
Journal of psychology & financial markets
Journal of public economics
journal of real estate finance and economics, The
Journal of real estate research
Journal of regional science
Journal of regulatory economics
journal of socio-economics, The
Journal of the history of economic thought
Journal of urban economics
Journal of wealth management
Journal of world trade : law, economics, public policy
Labour economics : an international journal
Macroeconomics annual / National Bureau of Economic Research
Mathematical finance : an international journal of mathematics, statistics and financial theory
MC: marketing computers / BPI Communications
MC: technology marketing intelligence
MOCT-MOST: economic policy in transitional economies
Monthly commodity price bulletin = Bulletin mensuel des prix des produits de base = Boletín mensuel de precios de productos básicos / UNCTAD
Monthly labor review
Multinational business review / University of Detroit Mercy, College of Business Administration
NAFTA : law and business review of the Americas
Nation's business / [publ. by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce]
NBER reporter / National Bureau of Economic Research
NBER/Tax policy & the economy
Networks and spatial economics : a journal of infrastructure modeling and computation
New England economic review / [publ. by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston]
New political economy
North American journal of economics & finance
NZ business
OECD economic outlook / Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Open economies review / ed. by the International Economic Center
Oxford bulletin of economics and statistics
Oxford development studies
Population and development review / The Population Council
Power economics
Presidents & prime ministers
Pricing strategy & practice
Problems of economic transition
Problems of economics
Psychology & marketing
Public budgeting & finance
Public finance review
Public money & management
Public money : policy journal of the public sector / Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy
Publications of the American Economic Association
Quarterly journal of business & economics
quarterly journal of economics, The
quarterly review of economics and finance : journal of the Midwest Economics Association, The
Rand journal of economics, The
Refocus : renewable energy focus : the international renewable energy magazine
Research in economics = Ricerche economiche : an international review of economics
Resource and energy economics : a journal of resource, energy and environmental economics
review of Austrian economics / ed. by Murray N. Rothbard, The
Review of economic dynamics
Review of economic studies
review of economics and statistics, The
Review of financial economics
review of income and wealth : journal of the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth, The
Review of international economics
Review of political economy
review of radical political economics, The
Structural change and economic dynamics
Structural survey
Studies in comparative international development
Supreme Court economic review : the ... term
System dynamics review : the journal of the Sysytems Dynamics Society
Systemic practice and action research
Thomson's international banking regulator
U.S. banker
United Kingdom economic studies
United States economic studies
Wall Street & technology
World development : the multi-disciplinary international journal devoted to the study and promotion of world development
World economic outlook reports / International Monetary Fund, IMF
World economy : a quarterly journal on international economic affairs / Trade Policy Research Centre, The
World link
World trade
World trade and arbitration materials
World transport policy and practice
WebEc - The List of Economics Journals

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Journals: Political Science

American journal of political science / Midwest Political Science Association
American political science review, The
British journal of political science
Canadian journal of economics and political science = Revue canadienne d'économie et de science politique
Communist and post-communist studies : an international interdisciplinary journal
International affairs / journal of the Royal Institute of International Affairs
International affairs / Royal Institute of International Affairs
International affairs review supplement / Royal Institute of International Affairs
International journal of political economy
International organization / World Peace Foundation
International peacekeeping
International political science review = Revue internationale de science politique / International Political Science Association
International politics : a journal of transnational issues and global Oroblems
International security
International studies perspectives : a journal of the International Studies Association
International studies quarterly
International studies review / International Studies Association
Journal of common market studies / University Association for Contemporary European Studies
journal of conflict resolution, The
Journal of inter-American studies / School of International Studies, University of Miami
Journal of interamerican studies and world affairs / Center for Advanced International Studies
Journal of international affairs
journal of military history / Society for Military History, The
Journal of peace research / International Peace Research Institute
Journal of policy modeling : a social science forum of world issues
journal of politics / Southern Political Science Association, The
Journal of the American Military History Foundation, The
Journal of the American Military Institute, The
Journal of the British Institute of International Affairs
Journal of the Royal Institute of International Affairs
Journal of theoretical politics
Latin American perspectives : a journal of capitalism and socialism
Mershon international studies review / International Studies Association
Midwest journal of political science : quarterly journal of the Midwest Political Science Association
New leader
New republic
New statesman
New statesman & society
Orbis : a quarterly journal of world affairs
Peace & conflict
Perspectives on European politics and society : journal of intra-European dialogue
Perspectives on politics
Political behavior
Political psychology : journal of the International Society of Political Psychology
Political research quarterly : official journal of Western Political Science Association, Pacific Northwest Political Science Association, Southern California Political Science Association, Northern California Political Science Association
Political science quarterly : a review devoted to the historical statistical and comparative study of politics, economics and public law
Political studies
Political studies review / publ. by the Political Studies Association
Political theory
Politics : surveys, debates and controversies in politics / Political Studies Association
Proceedings of the American Political Science Association : ... annual meeting / American Political Science Association
PS : political science and politics
Public choice / Center for Study of Public Choice, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Public interest
Regional & federal studies
Review of international studies / published for the British International Studies Association
Studies in conflict and terrorism
Vital speeches of the day
Washington monthly
West European politics
World politics : a quarterly journal of international relations

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