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Racism & Multiculturalism

About Canada - Multiculturalism
Biracial and Multiracial Individuals
Census and Population Issues
International/New Populations
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
Metropolis - Canadian Site - Research and Policy
Multicultural Resources on the Internet
Multicultural Education
Multiculturalism - Civilian Governance and Policing in a Multicultural Society: A Discussion Paper Handbook: Cultural Differences

Racism & Communities

Association Italian Canadian Writers
Census and Population Issues
Google Search: italian youth and media
Indiana University Press Journals - Black Renaissance
Italian American Web Site of New York - Affirmative Action and Discrimination page
Welcome to Artista, Francesca L'Orfano
National Congress of Italian Canadians - Youth & Italian Studies Division: Italian American Studies
Race Traitor | Journal of the New Abolitionism
Simon Wiesenthal Center
So Here's What's Wrong -- Italian-American Readers React
The Italian-American Homepage
The National Italian American Foundatio
Will Kymlicka's Homepage