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ACLS Competitions
ACLS Fellowship and Grant Programs
COS Funding Opportunities - World's Largest and Most Comprehensive Database of Funding Opportunities
Faculty Research
Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program (OGS)
RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES Social Sciences and Humanities
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
SSHRC: Main Menu
SSHRC-CRSH - Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council - Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines
SSHRC Grants Guide - Table of Contents
SSHRC Grants Guide: Strategic Themes: FAQs
SSHRC Grants Guide: Virtual Scholar in Residence Program
SSHRC: Links to Canadian Academic and Scholarly Bodies
SSHRC - Research Grants and Major Collaborative Research Initiatives Selection
SSHRC - Web-based Application for Research Support


Announcements and News: Conferences
ASA Teaching Resources Center - Call for Submissions
CJS: Upcoming Events
Conferences and Workshops
Criminology Events
CULTSTUD-L -- Resources -- Conferences
CULTSTUD-L -- Resources -- Calls for Papers
Cyber Youth Conference | Calls for Papers/Conference Announcements
Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center: Calls for Papers/Conference Announcements
Sociology Conferences
SOSIG: Grapevine Conferences
The Official Site of the C.S.A.A.
Third International Crossroads Conference in Cultural Studies