Luigi M Bianchi



The Man with the Blue Guitar 

My 'one-time-only blog,' that is a personal journal that is [in]frequently,
if ever, updated  [more …]

The List of Italian Words 

The strange pleasure of collecting as many Italian words as possible, from
“a” through “zzz,” or the discovery that a dictionary is in many ways a great
literary masterpiece, or a homage to my mother tongue  [more …]

Enzo Paci: Phenomenological Diary 

My draft translation of Diario Fenomenologico and other
writings by a great Italian philosopher  [more …]

Freely Accessible Courses

Three courses I designed, maintain, and teach:

Computers, Information and Society
Science and Everyday Phenomena
History of Computing and Information Technology

Two Poems by Wislawa Szymborska

A sort of intellectual autobiography, written by somebody else—a poet I
greatly admire  [more …]

Fair Use

A personal interpretation of copyright…and a couple of links to some more
authoritative resources  [more …]

Standard Disclaimer

A partly pirated, non-exhaustive statement of self-protection in a world
that is obsessed with self-protection  [more …]


Your turn  [more …]


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