Documentary Collection: Gay and Lesbian Activism in the 1970s

Each image below links to a larger version of the image. The number of pages in each document is in brackets next to the name.

Socialist Worker Gay Group (poster)

Towards a Gay Community (poster)

Gais Exigeons Nos Droits (poster)

Discussion on Perspectives for the Gay Movement (4)

Re-instate John Damien: Full Rights for Gay and Lesbian Workers (1)

Dear Militant (3)

Revolutionary Marxist Group - Election Campaign Committee (2)

The Equal Voice for Lesbians (2)

The Importance of Gay Liberation (11)

Jailbreak! (12)

Gays and Quebec (2)

Revolutionary Workers League - Declaration of Tendency Z (12)

RMG Statement to G.A.T.E. Candidates Meeting (3)

We May Not Be Witches But We Sure Have Been Burned! (8)

Women's Rights, Lesbian Rights, Gay Rights (1)

Gay Workers Unite! (1)

An Open Reply to Maurice Flood from the Revolutionary Marxist Group (2)

Photographs by Ben Lander.
Documents provided by Deborah Brock.

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