This guide provides an overview of Left History’s editorial process once an article has been accepted (pending revisions) for publication.   All dates are the last possible; we try to give authors (and ourselves) more time in most cases.


Peer Review               [3 months before publishing]


At this stage, submissions are sent out anonymously to peer reviewers for comment. Based upon these comments Left History decides whether to accept, accept with revisions, or reject an article. This decision is returned to the authors with the peer reviewer comments as well as suggestions by our editorial team.  If accepted, authors will be asked to revise their submissions with these comments in mind.  Additionally, Left History asks that submissions follow our style guide; if this has not yet been accomplished, it should be done so at this stage.


Editor Review            [2 months before publishing]


Once the revised piece has been submitted, each of the editors will copy edit the manuscript.  These comments will not generally affect content; they will focus on specific issues of clarity, style, and grammar.  The submission will then be returned to the author so that s/he can revise the piece a second time.  Please note, this is the last opportunity for the author to make changes to the piece.  Once the author has resubmitted, the editors give the manuscript one final proof.   


Proof                           [1 month before publishing]


The manuscript will then be inputted into our layout program.  Once this is accomplished, the author will be sent a PDF proof of the piece to look over and sign off on.  All revisions to the piece should have been made before this point; the proof will allow the author to see what the final product will look like and to identify any issues caused by the digital transfer.




Once the manuscripts have been accepted, we send the full package to our publishing house.  Once this is accomplished, your work is done.