Volume Three Number One,

Spring/Summer 1995


Between Economism and Emancipation: Untouchables and Indian Nationalism, 1920-1950
    Vijay Prashad

The Liberal Imagination in The Middle of the Journey
    Christopher Phelps

From Revolutionary Intellectual to Conservative Master Thinker: The anti-Democratic Odyssey of James Burnham
    Paul Le Blanc

'Roping in the Wretched, the Reckless, and the Wronged': Narratives of the Late Nineteenth-Century Toronto Police Court
    Chris Burr

Discussion and Debate

Beyond Dichotomies: Re-Assessing Gender History and Women's History in Canada
    Joan Sangster


From the French Resistance to Marxist History: an Interview with Professor Pierre Brou‚
    William A. Pelz


  • Daniel Samson, ed., Contested Countryside: Rural Workers and Modern Society in Atlantic Canada, 1800-1950   JEFF TAYLOR
  • Gordon Darroch and Lee Soltow, Property and Inequality in Victorian Ontario: Structural Patterns and Cultural Communities in the 1871 Census   GEORGE EMERY
  • David Rock, ed., Latin America in the 1940s. War and Postwar Transitions   SONYA LIPSETT-RIVERA
  • David J. Bercuson and S. F. Wise, eds., The Valour and the Horror Revisited   R. BRUCE MCINTYRE
  • Peter C. Emberley and Waller R. Newell, Bankrupt Education: The Decline of Liberal Education in Canada   PATRICK J. HARRIGAN
  • Marilyn A. Levine, The Found Generation: Chinese Communists in Europe during the Twenties   GLEN PETERSON
  • Susan Herbst, Numbered Voices: How Opinion Polling has Shaped American Politic   DANIEL J. ROBINSON



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