Volume Six Number One,  Spring 1998


"But You Wouldn't Have the Gumption to Use It": Bonnie and Clyde and the Sexual Revolution
    Jana Kay Lunstad

Print Workers and Revolutionary Rhetoric in Leipzig and Berlin
    Richard Skinner

Diego Rivera and the Left: The Destruction and Reconstruction of the Rockefeller Center Mural
    Dora Apel


Growing Up Okie:
An Interview With Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

    Danny Postel

Review Essays

Fire's Cycle and Pyne's History
    Matthew Evenden

"Normalizing" the Writing of Quebec History
    Michael Behiels

The CNN Series on the Cold War
    Benjamin D. Lowinsky


  • Edward Alexander, Irving Howe -- Socialist, Critic, Jew   ALAN COOPER
  • Paul Goodman, Of One Blood: Abolitionism and the Origins of Racial Equality   FRANK TOWERS
  • Billy Bragg and Wilco, Mermaid Avenue   PAUL D. FISCHER
  • Francis Robert Shor, Utopianism and Radicalism in a Reforming America,1888-1918   JEAN PFAELZER
  • Whitney Chadwick, ed., Mirror Images: Women, Surrealism, and Self-representation   LISA D. FREIMAN
  • Linda McQuaig, The Cult of Impotence: Selling the Myth of Powerlessness in the Global Economy   JOSEPH K. ROBERTS
  • Christopher Phelps, Young Sidney Hook: Marxist and Pragmatist   KENT WORCESTER
  • Dominique Marshall, Aux origines sociales de l'État-providence:Familles québécoises, obligation scolaire etallocations familiales 1940-1955   MAGDA FAHRNI
  • J. Anthony Lukas, Big Trouble   JAMES A. YOUNG
  • Andrea Stulman Dennett, Weird and Wonderful: The Dime Museum in America   MARK BALDWIN
  • John Hellman, The Knight-Monks of Vichy France: Uriage, 1940-1945 (Second Edition)   SEAN KENNEDY
  • Paul Buhle and Patrick McGilligan, Tender Comrades: A Backstory of the Hollywood Blacklist   JOE DORINSON
  • Neil Parsons, King Khama, Emperor Joe, and the Great White Queen: Victorian Britain Through African Eyes   LAURENCE KITZAN



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