Volume Eight Issue Two,
Spring 2003

Front Cover~ Cleo Sara, Works Projects
      Administration Poster Collection,
      Library of Congress 1939

Back Cover ~ Robert Muchley, Works Projects
      Administration Poster Collection,
      Library of Congress 1936

Editors' Note


Gendering Expectations: Genre and Allegory in Readings of Thelma and Louise
    Aspasia Kotsopoulos

Quakertown Blues: Philadelphia's Longshoremen and the Decline of the IWW
    Peter Cole

The Twilight of Reason: Neo-Conservatism and Corruption at Adelphi University, 1985-1997
    Daniel Rosenberg

Personal Ad Politics: Race, Sexuality, and Power at The Body Politic
    David S. Churchill

The Berkeley Free Speech Movement and the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission
    Jo Freeman

Review Essay

Black Workers, Organized Labor, and the Struggle for Civil Rights
    William P. Jones


  • Heather Ann Thompson, Whose Detroit? Politics, Labor, and Race in a Modern American City JOHN D. SKRENTNY
  • Mark A. Lause, The Civil War's Last Campaign: James B. Weaver, The Greenback-Labor Party, and the Politics of Race and Section TOM L. FRANZMANN
  • Kenneth Warren, Big Steel: The First Century of the United States Steel Corporation, 1901-2001 KIM SCIPES
  • Kenneth Warren, Waste, Wealth, and Alienation: Growth and Decline in the Connellsville Coke Industry CHAD MONTRIE
  • Fred Magdoff, John Bellamy Foster, and Frederick H. Buttel, eds., Hungry for Profit: The Agribusiness Threat to Farmers, Food, and the Environment PAT HOWARD
  • Brad D. Lookingbill, Dust Bowl, USA: Depression America and the Ecological Imagination and Brian Griffith, The Gardens of Their Dreams: Desertification and Culture in World History ROBERT M. WILSON
  • Colin M. Coates, The Metamorphoses of Landscape and Community in Early Quebec SYLVIE DEPATIE
  • J.K. Gibson-Graham, Stephen A. Resnick, and Richard D. Wolff, Class and its Others and J.K. Gibson-Graham, Stephen A. Resnick, and Richard D. Wolff, Re/presenting Class: Essays in Postmodern Marxism JOHN HENRY-HARTER
  • Russ Castronovo and Dana D. Nelson, eds., Materializing Democracy: Toward a Revitalized Cultural Politics MARGARET HILLYARD LITTLE
  • Nicholas Griffin, ed., assisted by Alison Roberts Miculan, The Selected Letters of Betrand Russell: The Public Years, 1914-1970 PAUL MITCHINSON
  • Matilde Zimmermann, Sandinista: Carlos Fonseca and the Nicaraguan Revolution RICHARD STAHLER-SHOLK
  • Michael Phayer, The Catholic Church and the Holocaust CHRIS MORRISSEY
  • Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, Empire BEN DORFMAN
  • Laurel Sefton MacDowell, Renegade Lawyer: The Life of J.L. Cohen BARRY CAHILL
  • Bradford James Rennie, The United Farmers and Farm Women of Alberta, 1909-1921 JEFFERY TAYLOR
  • Anne Lopes and Gary Roth, Men's Feminism: August Bebel and the German Socialist Movement DIETER K. BUSE
  • Thomas C. Jepsen, My Sisters Telegraphic: Women in the Telegraph Office, 1864-1950 and Venus Green, Race on the Line: Gender, Labor, and Technology in the Bell Systems, 1880-1980 CHRISTOPHER KEEP
  • Mary M. Leder, My Life in Stalinist Russia: An American Woman Looks Back HEATHER J. COLEMAN
  • John Ryder, Interpreting America: Russia and Soviet Studies of the History of American Thought PAUL JOSEPHSON
  • Anthony Cross, Peter the Great through British Eyes: Perceptions and Representations of the Tsar since 1698 GARY MARKER
  • Gary Kinsman, Dieter K. Buse, and Mercedes Steedman, eds., Whose National Security? Canadian State Surveillance and the Creation of Enemies TOM LANGFORD

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