Volume Nine Number One,
Fall/Winter 2003-04

Cover ~ The Plover dodem or clan sign of Shingwaukonse, or Little Pine. Shingwaukonse's son, Ogista, was a leader of the Ojibwa who helped secure lands for the Shingwauk and Wawanosh Schools.


"To Train a Wild Bird": E.F. Wilson, Hegemony, and Native Industrial Education at the Shingwauk and Wawanosh Residential Schools, 1873-1893
    Sharon Wall

"They'll Think I'm an Indian Won't They?": Colonial Capitalism and Primitivist Fantasy in Tierra del Fuego, 1832-1996
    Paul Magee

Working With Figures: Industrial Measurement as Hegemonic Discourse
    James P. Hull

Leon Trotsky: Planet Without a Visa
    Bryan D. Palmer

Review Essay

Cultural Politics Then and Now
    Kent Worcester


  • Thomas Goebel, A Government by the People: Direct Democracy in America, 1890-1940 ALEC C. EWALD
  • Lee Congdon, Seeing Red: Hungarian Intellectuals in Exile and the Challenge of Communism JUDITH SZAPOR
  • Max Elbaum, Revolution in the Air: Sixties Radicals Turn to Lenin, Mao and Che CHRISTOPHER PHELPS
  • Randy Martin, On Your Marx: Relinking Socialism and the Left SEAN SARAKA
  • Errol Black and Jim Silver, Building a Better World: An Introduction to Trade Unionism in Canada and Jeffrey Taylor, Union Learning: Canadian Labour Education in the Twentieth Century MARK THOMAS
  • Katherine Barbieri, The Liberal Illusion: Does Trade Promote Peace? DIMITRY ANASTAKIS
  • Jennifer A. Delton, Making Minnesota Liberal: Civil Rights and the Transformation of the Democratic Party GRETCHEN CASSEL EICK
  • Becky Nicolaides, My Blue Heaven: Life and Politics in the Working Class Suburbs of Los Angeles, 1920-1956 SYLVIE MURRAY
  • Marjoleine Kars, Breaking Loose Together: The Regulator Rebellion in Pre-Revolutionary North Carolina JEWEL L. SPANGLER
  • Richard S. Newman, The Transformation of American Abolitionism: Fighting Slavery in the Early Republic STEPHANIE M. H. CAMP
  • Ray Hudson, Producing Places GREG MCELLIGOTT
  • Bruce Curtis, The Politics of Population. State Formation, Statistics, and the Census of Canada, 1840-1875 BETTINA BRADBURY
  • Sherene H. Razack, editor, Race, Space, and the Law: Unmapping a White Settler Society SHEILA MCMANUS
  • Joy Dixon, Divine Feminine, Theosophy and Feminism in England GILLIAN MCCANN
  • Julie V. Gottlieb, Feminine Fascism: Women in Britain's Fascist Movement 1923-1945 PAUL WARD
  • Ellen Messer-Davidow, Disciplining Feminism: From Social Activism to Academic Discourse JUDITH KEGAN GARDINER
  • Joan Sangster, Girl Trouble: Female Delinquency in English Canada JEAN BARMAN
  • Sharla Fett, Working Cures: Healing, Health, and Power on Southern Slave Plantations JUANITA DE BARROS
  • Pamela H. Smith and Paula Findlen, eds., Merchants and Marvels: Commerce, Science, and Art in Early Modern Europe JORDANNA BAILKIN
  • Michael Lwy and Robert Sayre, Romanticism Against the Tide of Modernity, translated by Catherine Porter. WILLIAM KEACH
  • Shawn C. Smallman, Fear and Memory in the Brazilian Army and Society, 1889-1954 ANTHONY W. PEREIRA
  • Anthony Chase, Movies on Trial: The Legal System on the Silver Screen MARK A. EATON
  • Marc Edge, Pacific Press: The Unauthorized Story of Vancouver's Media Monopoly JULIE CRYSLER

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