Volume Nine, Number Two
Spring/Summer 2004

Cover ~ This artwork was originally featured on the cover of an Ovington's Catalogue. Painted by Ronald McRae, a well-known man about town in 1920s Toronto; McRae's records include 119 original costume drawings, greeting cards, magazine covers, and dust jackets, and are housed at the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives in Toronto. Accession number 82-004

Editors' Note


"Workers of the World, Embrace!": Daniel Guérin, the labour movement and homosexuality
    David Berry

The Enemy Within the Enemy Within: The Canadian Army and Internment Operations during the Second World War
    Paul Jackson

Rethinking Class in Lesbian Bar Culture: Living 'The Gay Life' in Toronto, 1955-1965
    Elise Chenier

Crossing Borders: Memories, Dreams, Fantasies, and Nightmares of the History Job Market
    Marc Stein

The Geography of Same-Sex Desire: Cruising Men in Washington, D.C. in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
    Brett Beemyn

Homophile fictions: Fan Writing, Science Fiction, and the Birth of Gay Communities in Post-war America
    Chris West


Hell Witches: Some Notes on Lesbian Visibility in Toronto
    Steve Maynard

Featured Review

Peter Boag, Same-Sex Affairs: Constructing and Controlling Homosexuality in the Pacific Northwest CHRISTOPHER DUMMITT


  • John Lindsay-Poland, Emperors in the Jungle: The Hidden History of the U.S. in Panama DAVID SHEININ
  • Julio Moreno, Yankee Don't Go Home! Mexican Nationalism, American Business Culture, and the Shaping of Modern Mexico, 1920-1950 JEFFREY M. PILCHER
  • Alfred Yee, Shopping at Giant Foods: Chinese American Supermarkets in Northern California BELINDA HUANG
  • Steven High, Industrial Sunset: The Making of North America's Rust Belt, 1969-1984 CHAD MONTRIE
  • John Saville, Memoirs from the Left CATHERINE ELLIS
  • Robin Jarvis Brownlie, A Fatherly Eye: Indian Agents, Government Power, and Aboriginal Resistance in Ontario, 1918-1939 SHARON WALL
  • James Holstun, Ehud's Dagger: Class Struggle in the English Revolution TODD WEBB
  • Robert Korstad, Civil Rights Unionism: Tobacco Workers and the Struggle for Democracy in the Mid-Twentieth-Century South DAVID LEWIS-COLMAN

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