Advisory Committee

We value the knowledge and experiences of LGBTTQI people and allies related to the provision of in-home health services. The participation of community members and service providers on the Project Advisory Committee (AC) is important to ensure that the project findings benefit both LGBTTQI communities and service providers by translating into policy and practice recommendations that enhance access to good quality home care for diverse members of Ontario's LGBTTQI communities.

The Project Advisory Committee is composed of people from various service provider, community-based health/social services and professional networks from Kitchener, London, Ottawa, Thunder Bay, and Toronto. Members of the AC also include people who have used, are using or have attempted to use home care services. The AC provides ongoing feedback and consultation on all of our surveys, interview questions, recruitment materials, etc. Members of the AC provide important linkages to Ontario-based LGBTTQI and home care service provider communities towards the dissemination of findings and recommendations.

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What is home care?

  • Any form of care received in the home.
  • This could be formal care arranged through a Community Care Access Centre, or a community support or social service agency.
  • This could also be informal care provided by family, friends, and/or community.
  • Some examples are personal care, meal preparation, laundry, light housecleaning, meal delivery, shopping, transportation to medical appointments, home safety assessment, and physiotherapy.