David Lidov -- Publications

          Most of my publications on musical semiotics are collected or adequately summarized in the 2004 Book, Is Music a Language?   On the other hand, most of my work on musical meter (which although sketchy and exaggerated continues to hold my loyalty) is unpublished.

          Papers or publications which were absorbed in essence or verbatim in Elements are omitted or marked  "in ES"; in Is Language a Music?, "in ILM"

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          If you want any of these writings and can't find them, I may be able to help. e-mail: lidov@yorku.ca.  Some papers which I have not published may be easy to e-mail.

General Semiotics:

Entries on: Sign, Aesthetics, Articulation, Semiosis, Betrand Russell, Nattiez and Clynes for the Encyclopedia of Semotics and Cultural Studies, Paul Bouissac, gen. ed. Oxford Press, New York. 1998

"A Sign Theory of Consciousness" Semiotic Society of America, Chicago, October, Semiotics 1992.

"Inventing Languages" in Resonant Intervals: Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Music, Tim Buell, ed. (Articles based on Keynote Addresses at the Resonant Interval Conference, Calgary, 1990) --Last I heard this was in preparation, but the project seems to have fallen through.   Ch. 21 in ES.

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Music Semiotics and Music Theory

<>“Some Remarks on the Sonata for Piano, Op.90, of Beethoven with regard to theories of representation.”   Keynote Address to Graduate Students Biennial Symposium, Indiana University,  Feb. 2006.

“Representations of the Body in Music.”  Public lecture in the series, Thinking About Music, Cincinatti College and Coservatory of Music, October, 2005

“Musical Signification in General Semiotics” to the conference on “Musical Experiences and Values” Free University of Berlin, June, 2004

“Resisting Representation”  2004.  Ex Tempore, Vol. X/2, pp 16-38.  Ch. 15 in ILM

“Gesture in Music and its Contraries.”  Keynote address to the Norwich conference on Music and Gersture, Norwich, England, 2003 in Elaine King, Anthony Gritten, eds., Music and Gesture, 2006 (Aldershot, Ashgate).

“Repairing Errors in the Musical Theory of Meter” in C. Brüstle, N. Ghattas, C. Risi, S. Schouten (Hg.) Aus dem Takt: Rhythmus in Kunst, Kultur und Natur.   (Transcript Verlag Bielefeld, Germany)  2005

"La mesure en musique," Les Universaux en musique (Proceedings of the Fourth International Congress on Musical Signification, Paris, October, 1994). C. Miereanu and X. Hascher, eds., Publications de la Sorbonne, Paris, 1999. Pp. 629-634.  [METER]

"Coordination of Microstructure and Macrostructure," in Festschrift for Manfred Clynes,  in A Festschrift for Manfred Clynes, Martha Mills, Danielle Williams, eds., 1999.  MMB Music,  Saint Louis, MO.  This is a version of  "Coordination of Microstructure and Macrostructure," read to the Society for Music Theory, New York, November, 1995.  [METER AND PERFORMANCE.]

"Our Time with the Druids: What and how we can recuperate from our obsessions with tree diagrams and other segmental hierarchies" Proceedings of the Third International Congress on Musical Semiotics, In Contemporary Music Review, Harwood Academic Publishers, 1997.   in IML]

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“Song as Monument:  Dr. Beverly St. Marie’s ‘Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee’” International Congress on Musical Signification,  Bologna, 1996.  in IML.

"From Gesture to Philosophy" read to Semiotic Society of America, San Antonio, October, 1995.  ALSO, "Hermeneutics, Analysis, and Semiotics," read to College Music Society, Portland, Oregon, Nov. 1995. in ILM as "Bartòk, the Progressive."

"Parts and Wholes in Musical Reference: La Traviata," read to Internation Semiotics Association, San Francisco, June, 1994.  expanded in ILM.

"The Discourse of Gesture" read to Semiotic Society of America, St. Louis, 1993.  Intro to Part III in ILM.

"Biological, cultural and formal factors in Music." (mimeo) 1993. (Paper read to American Association for the Advancement of Science, Boston, 1993.

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in 1975, above.)

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Reviews and Other
Preface to Naomi Cummings, The Sonic Self.  Indiana University Press, sched. 2000.

"Why Read Deeley?" Preface to John Deely, "How does Semiosis Effect Renvoi?", Thomas A. Sebeok Fellowship Lecture, American Journal of Semiotics, XI 1-2:3-7 (1994).

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with Helen Hall, "The Resonant Intervals Conference", Musicworks, No. 25

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"Classification Structures in Macrobiotic Food Categories."  read to Canadian Semiotic Association, Charlottetown, June, 1992.