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Linda Peake

I graduated from Reading University, UK, with an undergraduate degree and PhD in Geography. Since completing my PhD in 1983 I have taught at universities in England, the United States, Guyana and Canada and conducted research in the fields of geography, urban studies, development studies and women’s studies.

I am a Professor, appointed in the Department of Social Science since 1989, where I teach in the Urban Studies Program. In the academic year 2013-14 I will be the Acting Director of the City Institute. I am also a member of the Graduate Programmes in Geography, Development Studies and Gender, Feminist and Women’s Studies. I regularly supervise both MA and Ph.D. students in all three programmes.

My research interests focus on issues of feminist geographies of gender, race and sexuality, particularly as they pertain to the urban global south, and specifically Guyana. In addition to my work in Guyana I also have long standing interests in urban-based research on women in cities; on whiteness and on developing anti-racist practices in Geography; and feminist methodologies, particularly in terms of the work these do in transnational feminist praxis.

I have been conducting research in Guyana for nearly three decades, working with the Guyanese women’s organisation Red Thread on topics ranging through the impact of structural adjustment on women and households, domestic violence, women’s reproductive health, sex work, trafficking and most
recently young adults and sexualities. These research projects have resulted in a team of researchers within Red Thread who have used their skills to conduct their own research as well as to gain employment in research conducted by various agencies and individuals in the country.

I am an active supervisor and mentor and many postgraduates have accompanied me on research trips to Guyana (Amrita Persaud, Charulata Prasada, Nancy Kingsbury, Jennifer Johnson, Roxanne Richardson, Katherine Topelko, Kate Nowak, Shannon Gurevitch, Leeann Townsend, Andy Inkster, Katie MacDonald, Michelle Bobala) and England (Liz Millward) and to conferences in Canada, the USA and Australia (Allyson Mitchell, Katherine McKittrick, Sue Frohlick, Mary Ebos, Abhar Hussain, Colette Murray, Laura Shillington, Leeann Townsend).

I have sat on a number of editorial boards of academic journals including having been the Managing Editor of Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography (2002-2008), a founding editor of Social and Cultural Geography (1998-2002) and book review editor of Antipode (1992-1995). I currently serve on the editorial boards of the journals Gender, Place and Culture, The Canadian Geographer and the Journal of Latin American Geography and Gender. Most recently I have joined the International Advisory Board of Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society.

Recent publications include:

  • Peake, L. 2015. “The Suzanne Mackenzie Memorial Lecture: Rethinking the politics of feminist knowledge production in geography” The Canadian Geographer DOI: 10.1111/cag.12174
  • Peake, L., Sheppard, E. 2014 “Radical / Critical Geography in the USA and Anglo-Canada” ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies 13 (2): 305-327.
  • Peake, L., Rieker, M. (eds) 2013 Rethinking Feminist Interventions into the Urban London: Routledge.
  • Peake, L. 2013 “Heteronormativity” in Sharpe, J., Kuus, M., and Dodds, K. (eds) Companion to Critical Geopolitics. (Ashgate Publishing), pp. 89-108.
  • Ley, D., Braun, B., Domosh, M., LeHeron, R., Peake, L., Willekins, F., Yeoh, B. 2012. International Benchmarking Review for United Kingdom Human Geography (London: ESRC), pp. 56.
  • Bunnell, T., Yeah, S., Peake, L., Skelton, T., Smith, M. 2012 “Geographies of friendship” Progress in Human Geography 36 (4): 490– 507.
  • Peake, L. 1993 "Race and Sexuality: challenging the patriarchal structuring of urban social space" Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 11 (6): 415-432. Reprinted 2012 in Open Site for Society and Space: Environment and Planning D virtual issue on 12 feminist geography articles – (Boys Town Redux).
  • Kofman, E. and L. Peake 1990 "Introduction: A Gendered Agenda for Political Geography in the 1990s" Political Geography Quarterly, 9 (4): 311-312 and 313-336. Reprinted 2012 as one of 16 articles in the Virtual Special Issue: 30th Anniversary of Political Geography.

Forthcoming publications:

Peake, L. “The twenty-first century quest for feminism and the global urban” International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 13pp. Part of theme issue edited by Ananya Roy and Jennifer Robinson, on “Global Urbanisms and the Nature of Urban Theory”.
Professor Linda Peake

The City Institute, York University

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3J 1P3

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