M Louise Ripley, MBA, PhD
Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar

I retired on July 1, 2015, after 35 happy years of teaching at York University. In the first year I finally managed to find a publisher for my novel that I wrote twenty years ago. Please visit my site for A Love of War.  You can find it at Amazon.ca, or find other instructions on http://www.mlripley.com/howtoorder.htm. This book comes out of both parts of my academic career, Business and Women's Studies. It is essentially a story of survival when you don't fit in, and was inspired by events in the YUFA Grand Strike of 1997. The story, however, is about a young gay man who rides with General J.E.B. Stuart in the American Civil War. Note that this is not a "vanity press"; I submitted the book to an LGBTQ publisher whose name was also my initials. I thought it was a good omen and it was!

I am happily retired, still busy, still writing, able to read more.
The pin on my lapel is my father's Union pin from the AFL-CIO.
Professor Louise Ripley
Shimer logoI earned a PhD in Management Studies (major in Marketing, minor in Finance) from University of Toronto, an MBA in Finance from Loyola University of Chicago, and a Bachelor's degree from Shimer College, one of the world's finest (and smallest) liberal arts undergraduate schools. I taught elementary school and then worked in Finance and Marketing Research in "the real world" before coming to York. Read more about me here. I love teaching, both in the classroom and on the Internet. In 2009, I received the MERLOT Business Classics Award for my online teaching materials for Introductory Marketing. I am a feminist scholar. My definition of feminism is simple: a belief that women's ways of knowing and doing are just as valuable as men's. I earned my Women's Studies “degree” in the School of Hard Knocks, working in male-dominated professions.