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Consumer Behaviour
Motivation and Values
Chapter 4 Solomon Consumer Behaviour

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Motivation is about what makes any living creature go in search of something, whether it is lions seeking shade or customers looking for a cold drink. In Marketing, it's all about finding out what your customers really need (and want and the difference between those two concepts) and what they are willing to do to get it. It's also about finding out how much you, as the marketer, are willing to do to satisfy those customers.


Wants and Needs
We will break into groups and examine the main concepts of the chapter with reference to either a video or group's projects. Although these are major topics from the chapter, this is not a statement that this is all you have to include in your assignment. 
Goal and Drive
Needs vs Wants
Consumer Needs 
Conceptualizing Involvement
Involvement and Product
Measuring Involvement
Rokeach Value Survey
Means-End Chain Model of Values

In the summer class of 2003, two groups chose to do their presentation as a rap song. One group told us about Needs and Wants.

I have a little need
I need to get me some feed
If I don't get some food
I'm gonna be very rude
What kind of grub you want-a
Chicken or lasagna
Burgers and some fries
or ice cream and apple pies
We both have hunger needs
and need to get some feed
but she wants some fries
and I want a couple of pies
He hasn't eaten since Sunday
I haven't had any since last Monday
He wants to eat after class
I think I'm gonna pass

Another group explained the basics of Goal and Drive with relation to a video we had watched in class on philanthropy: 

Listen up ‘cause we got something to say
Drive and Expectancy Theories are the topics of the day
Chapter Four, a talk relating to motivation
Group One is here to discuss it with some stimulation
Gotta drive, haven’t eatin’ since five
Get a KitKat bar to stay alive
Homeostasis is the basis for drive theory
Because physiological imbalance with make you weary
The Bay is ‘pulled’ to give to the needy
Expectancy Theory suggests that this is not greedy
If you buy from the Gap, you’ll be a sap
Because about the needy they do not give a cr**
Moral of the story goes like this
Buy from the Bay and you’ll feel good
Because looking for positive incentives as you should.

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