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My After-Sales Service Warranty is life-long. You are always welcome to come back and see me, to ask for advice, to request letters of reference, to offer advice and help to us, or just to visit. I can write letters of recommendation for graduate school and for jobs, but you need to have given me something to work with. If you think you'll be going on to graduate school, or applying for a job and will want a letter of recommendation, be sure to put your best effort into the course and be sure I know you. Speak often in class/write often to the Discussion Group. Stand out from the crowd - I've got a minimum of 60 students in every class, and in Internet courses there are 100 of you - if you want me to be able to write something good about you, do something good in the course that I'll remember. This is especially true of Internet courses; you must have performed at a level at which you will stand out - I only know you by names and contributions to the Discussion Group and I therefore I am not able to write as many letters of recommendation for Internet students.

If you have encountered sexism, racism, heterosexism or other difficulties at York or on the job, you can talk to me. I have experience with many of the problems, and I (used to, before they gave us new doors) have a Positive Space sticker on my door which means I have been to training workshops that help me listen to you and figure out where to send you if you need more assistance. Please note that I am not a trained counselor; all I really can do is listen (I'm pretty good at that) and find somewhere you might go for further help (I'm pretty good at that too). 

I like to ask you to come speak to my current classes and tell them where you've been and what you've done since graduating. Or I may ask permission to send a current student to talk to you about a job search or a career move. Many former students help out in this way. You are the reason I love my job so much.



Former students go on from our programme to do many things

Paul Brannigan, long-time-ago student is now President of Real World Communications, Inc.

Audra Tounsend is now doing a graduate desgree at the University of Manchester in England.

Ann del Bianco (nee Novogradec) now works at the Occupational Cancer Research Centre, putting her multidisciplinary York University background to good use. She earned a Specialized Honours BAS, a Masters in Environmental Studies, and a PhD in Environmental Studies at York. She now works in research in environmental and occupational cancer, esophageal cancer, environmental and ecosystem health, and alternative methodological approaches. I knew her first as an undergraduate in my Consumer Behaviour course and have followed her career with great interest. Ann married Dan del Bianco several years ago and recently they had a beautiful little baby boy!

Michael Burzynski has recently been accepted into the York University Masters of Human Resources programme.

Baijul Shukla is now Membership and Corporate Development Manager (Senior Management), Ontario Society of Professional Engineers.  He comes regularly to speak to my class in Consumer Behaviour, and says that the single most important thing in Marketing is knowing your consumer.

Omor Obarogie has completed his Masters of Science in Administration at Calfornia State University in Bakersfield.

Anna Kwakye Antwi moved to the U.S., graduated from University of Maryland School of Nursing and is now a Graduate Student in Pennsylvania, in the Family Nurse Practitioner programme. Her 26-year-old daughter is in the same programme with her!

Michael Appiah-Boateng, BAS, CGA is now a Senior Auditor with the Government of Alberta Treasury Board, Corporate Internat Audit Services.

Michael Burzynski was awarded a scholarship from the Adam Mickiewicz Foundation of Canada.

Jenelle Ambrose completed law school at Dalhousie University, passed the Ontario bar, and is now articling for a Toronto law firm.

Baijul Shukla works for the Canadian Automobile Association marketing both services and products. He is working on various DM campaigns for the Auto and Travel Insurance unit, and is enjoying that fantastic state of life when you wake up each morning wanting to get to work! He continues to take courses to upgrade his skills.


One of the saddest notes I have had to write about a former student. Dr. Sandi Warren, whom I knew at York sixteen years before she earned the title of Doctor at Trent University in November, as a student in my Gender Issues and Management course, died on December 27, 2008. She was diagnosed with cancer around the same time I was diagnosed with breast cancer, fall of 2008, and we thought we would go through it together, as we went through so many things together (I served on her doctoral committee, my only doctoral student. as Business professors in the School of Administrative Studies are not allowed to supervise York Business PhDs), but hers turned out not to be breast cancer but lung cancer, even though she never smoked. She came and talked with the Gender Issues class one last time, on November 3. Trent University held a special convocation for her on November 17. See us together below, between Trent's President on the right and its Chancellor Roberta Bondar on the left. Sandi left me, in her last appearance in the class, with the tagline frequently on my email:

Sacred space and treating one another kindly should be an everyday practice.
Dr. Sandi Warren (1957-2008)


James Tomlinson took three of his undergraduate courses with me, including coming and sitting in on many of the Women and Business classes, and is now my lawyer and when I taught Introductory Marketing "live" used to come to speak to classes about the value of his undergraduate York degree and the importance of Marketing. If you need a good lawyer, you can reach him at 416-447-0476. James is now working on his Masters in Law at Osgoode Law School, York University.

Audra Townsend, who wrote a paper for a conference with me (along with Monica Ben as part of a Directed Reading course they took with me) has been working with the Ministry of Health and is now a Senior Financial Consultant. Most recently she has been on leave working with the University Health Network at Toronto General Hospital implementing initiatives under Ontario's Critical Care Strategy.

Steven Pacifico graduated with his Masters in Environmental Studies and now works as Manager of Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement for The Delphi Group in Ottawa. He also volunteers as a guest blogger with the ARC (Artists' Raising Consciousness). You can read Steve here: (scroll down to "Investing in Sustainability").

Ann Novogradec graduated from the B.A.S. programme, completed a Masters degree and is now completing a PhD in Environmental Studies. Ann has taught the Gender Issues in Management course when I have been working for YUFA.

Marion Howell is now running her own business in Executive Coaching. Check out her website at: The Iris Group. Prior to this, Marion for years ran the offices of a dotcom company that made it through the dot com crunch; she joined when they were so small that she did just about everything; the firm then grew so large that she had to hire four people to do the work she used to do on her own (talk to Marion about stock options!). Marion went through the B.A.S. programme and developed her career while raising two little girls as a single mother. She insists she doesn't know how to balance life but I still have her back to the Gender Issues course each Fall to talk about what I know is her success story. Marion is another of my role models as I strive to try to balance my life as I see her doing it.

Mark Ashton now runs his own renovations business "from simple home repairs to large renovations," and says he uses what he learned in the Administrative Studies business programme every day. He has an adorable 4 year old boy, and in addition to the stair rail that his company built for me a few years ago (see picture to right), he built us a laundry room that is worthy of the VanGogh print of sunflowers that hangs in it! He did this for me as my "project" to keep my mind off other things when I was going through breast cancer surgery and recovery. He was a tremendous source of support as well as a superb contractor. Check out his business at: Ashton Renovations.

Wangeci Warui, tired of York's huge class sizes, applied and was accepted with a full scholarship at a very small US school that specializes in very small classes and a superb liberal arts education (my own alma mater, Shimer College). She graduated in May of 2004, went to France to study law, and is now working in health and safety in the diamond mines of Alberta.   

Haris Hassan runs his own Marketing consulting business, designing and building websites for clients; Haris took Consumer Behaviour with me one summer in the shortened S1 version and now regularly comes back to talk to students in that same course.

Omer Ahmed, after graduating from York in 2004, enrolled in and graduated from the MBA programme with University of London (Royal Holloway) in England. He is now working as a financial analyst for an investment firm by the name of Al Bateen Investments in the United Arab Emeriates.

Danny Hadida, whose case study on New Product Introduction is included in the Introductory Marketing Unit on Products, finished his York degree, took an Education degree from U of T, spent a year teaching in a Toronto High School, taught English in Japan, taught English in South America for a year, and is now teaching high school just down the block from me in Scarborough. It is, indeed, a small world!

Joe Krasman completed his B.A.S., including the Social Marketing course, went on to complete his M.B.A., and is now completing his Ph.D. at the Schulich School of Business in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources.

Omer Saleem Ahmed was accepted in a Masters programme in England and recently sent a postcard with a picture of his centuries-old new school.

Lenny works for Bay Street Document Systems, the Canadian Agent for Xerox, as an Account Manager, dealing with small and medium sized businesses

Tina G. has completed her masters degree and is now working for a large consulting firm in Toronto.

Alex K. passed his UFE examination and finished the work required for his C.A. designation; he is working for one of the big four accounting firms. Alex is the student who provided the example of the hidden message in the FedEx logo, that I use in the Consumer Behaviour course.

Monica S. used the project she and her group did in Social Marketing to make positive changes for children with disabilities in her local school.

Diane is an Account Manager Retail for Canadian Pacific Railway, responsible for transportation and logistic needs of national accounts for the retail industry. Her account portfolio includes Sears Canada, Home Hardware, Home Depot, Saan Stores, CRSA, and Hudd (transloading facilities for import containers). 

Michael F. is working for Pepsi and was named top performing rep, bringing in 5350% of his quota (that's not a typo); it won him a golfing expedition at Glenn Abbey. 

Durdana, after completing her MBA, taking an Executive Development course at Harvard, and spending some time working in the field of accounting and finance, is now teaching business at The Dubai Men's College of the Higher Colleges of Technology system in the United Arab Emirates. She was recently back to visit. 

Rebeca completed her C.A./M.B.A. and worked for General Electric in a job that trains future top managers; she's married and was managing the commuter-marriage thing for 6 months while GE sent her to California. She and her husband now have a beautiful baby and they have moved to Florida where they both now work.

Boomie went on to complete her MBA at the prestigious Simmons MBA for Women programme in Boston.

Lawrence is a Promotions Coordinator for a division of one of the world's largest publishing and information businesses.

Garth is a marketing manager for a bank.

Ann completed her Masters in Environmental Studies degree at York's Faculty of Environmental Studies and is now completing her PhD. She was married recently.

Joy-Ann Parris is an Investment Officer for the Bank of Montreal in Barbados. She was recently here on a business trip and we decided that's the definition of business travel -- someone who has to leave Barbados to come to Toronto in February! 

Marco is Account Manager with the Business Development team for Oracle Software.

Beverley earned a Masters in Political Science from Queens University; I took the train down to Kingston and surprised her at her graduation. Beverly frequently serves as an invigilator at York exams and you may see her there one day. She is now looking into doctoral programmes.

Sarah is a doctoral student at the University of Michigan.

Kevin is the Product Manager for Stirling, a company with facilities in Canada and Taiwan, that manufactures connectors for the Cable TV market. 

Paul finished his his Masters degree in Political Science at York and went on to the PhD. A favourite story he tells is of hearing my talk about sexism in advertising in Introductory Marketing and using it to motivate his automotive parts salesmen to think about how women feel when they come into their stores (he started by asking them how they felt when they went into a lingerie shop).

Stephen figures out logistics for a trucking firm.

Michael is a Usability Manager for Bell Canada, looking after the web team. 

David completed law school at the same school James went to (David talked to James when he was applying), worked for a while for the federal government, and is now in private practice. 

James L was accepted into one of the most prestigious computer design programmes on the continent, at a New York university, with a scholarship. He survived 9/11 fortunately.

Ken is a financial analyst for Merrill Lynch, a job he loves, but he says he misses all the good times he had in the Marketing classes.

Lizeth completed the Masters programme in York's Faculty of Environmental Studies after completing her BAS in Marketing, and is now working with villages in Guatemala on developing sustainable living patterns.

Alex, who just barely got the B he needed in Intro Marketing after a difficult time working two jobs and supporting a family while going to school, went on to finish his B.A.S. Honours and to be accepted at the top five law schools in the U.S. 

Jana S. is now a Marketing Analyst for Owl, Chicadee, and  Chirp, wonderful children's magazines, all of which we subscribed to when our son was little.

Michelle  studied French in Paris through an internship programme where she worked in a Paris retail shop, topping off her BAS Marketing Honours degree with second language proficiency.

Monica and Audra, B.A. S. students, had their first paper accepted for an academic Marketing conference, after doing so much good work as Research Assistants that they qualified as co-authors.

John is a Brand Manager for Coca-Cola. 

Darlene published a pamphlet,  Triple Discrimination: Lesbians of Colour - Work Issues, which she wrote for the "Women and Business" class and which I have subsequently used in the course. I have lost touch with Darlene so Darlene, if you're reading this, email me at

Paul and Chris were accepted into the Schulich School of Business; a number of our graduates have gone on to this prestigious management programme. 

Aroon graduated from Schulich some years ago, worked for a while consulting to the auto industry, combining his love of cars with his academic qualifications, and is now the Manager of Market Analysis and Program Development for Hilton Hotels.

John R is a Merchandising Analyst with the No Frills division of Loblaw Companies.

Ingrid finished her MBA, worked for Ogilvy and Mather as an Account Supervisor designing web and internet based advertising and promotion, and now works in Marketing at CIBC. I still use her overheads on racism in advertising which she prepared for a paper, in my own lectures (crediting her of course). Ingrid has recently added a baby girl to her busy life.

Martin went on to complete the Schulich MBA, started his own consulting firm, specializing in marketing for restaurants, and has come back several times to speak to Marketing classes.

These are just a few of the more than 15,000 students I have been privileged to know in classes I teach. Many thousands more have gone on to satisfying and happy lives, and I love hearing from you about what you've done with your life. Former students also find partners, have children, buy houses, adopt pets, acquire cars, and settle into their lives and I enjoy hearing about all of it. Even when you're unhappy, you can still come by and talk to me; I've been there too.

What Employers Want
What Do Employers Want?

(From a number of studies of what employers look for in Business graduates)

Personal Traits

*top of the list

attention to detail
awareness of limitations
curiosity *
enthusiasm *
high energy
high ethical standards
knowledge of goals
personal appearance
team player


oral communication
written communication
problem solving
interpersonal skills

work under pressure
practical experience
broad business
professional manner
motivated to succeed


Academic Performance
good grades
reputation of your university
computer skills
member-academic organizations
quick learner
continual learner



extra-curricular activity
social, civic, church work
member-professional organizations
ability to juggle work/school/family
work experience-paid & unpaid
sports participation
good manners 

And this, from a conference on Cybernetics and Informatics where the issue arose about the importance of learning new technology along with whatever subject one was studying, the presenter quoted an employer saying, "What we need now are thoughtful empowered compassionate global learners".

York University, Toronto
M Louise Ripley, M.B.A., Ph.D.