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Social Marketing
The Social Marketing Plan
Chapter 16 Kotler&Roberto Social Marketing
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Developing the Social Marketing Plan

Use this as the model for your Final Exam Substitute Project
While either the old or the new textbook can be helpful to you in learning about the issues in Social Marketing, you are already prepared by virtue of having taken Introductory Marketing or its equivalent, to write a Marketing Plan. A Marketing Plan for a social product is not much different. You may consult the Plan assigned to Intro Marketing students but realize that you are not bound by the space limitations that they are, and realize that you may have to provide explanation and justification for decisions which would be more easily taken for granted in a Plan for a consumer good like toothpaste. 

Parts of a Social Marketing Plan
Executive Summary
(Principle Goals and Recommendations)
Table of Contents
Current Social Marketing Situation
Profile of Target Adopter Population
Review of Social Product
Assessment of Alternative Sources
   of Target Adopters' Satisfaction
Scan of Environment 

(discuss only the ones that directly affect your product)

Opportunities and Threats
Assess Opportunities
Provide Contingency Plans For Threats)
Specific, Measurable, Attainable)
Social Marketing Strategies 
Social Marketing Mix for Target Customers
Market Research
Communication Channels
Distribution Channels
Action Programmes
(What? When? Who? How?)
Social Marketing Budget
(Consider the issues more than just numbers; you don't need to make up a budget, but you do need to consider and deal with the problems you will face with respect to funding your campaign - where you will get the money and how you will best spend it)
(What controls and methods of measurement will you put in place to ensure that when you are finished, you have done what you set out to do?)

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Place Costs Promotion Action/Service Influence Groups

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