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Social Marketing
The Social Product
Chapter 7 Kotler&Roberto Social Marketing
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Designing the Social Product
The part of the Social Marketing Plan that deals with the review of the social product includes "an inventory of the social product's past performance and its impact on target-adopter markets. This section analyzes the needs of each segment of the target-adopter population that the social product aims to satisfy." (Kotler and Roberto p. 276) 

The Concept of Social Product

Type of Social Product
Product satisfies a need no other product meets
(Latent Demand)
Product satisfies a need better than others
(Under-filled Demand)
Product satisfies an underlying instead of perceived need
(Unwholesome Demand)


Product Base
Tangible Product Base
Intangible Product Base


Object of Adoption
(Abstract Demand)
Single Act
Sustained Behaviour


Why does Nicorette gum (an aid to quitting smoking) show up in each of these categorizations of social product?


Types of Demand
Latent Demand
Under-filled Demand
Unwholesome Demand
Abstract Demand
Irregular Demand
Faltering Demand
Dual-Single Demand
for both idea/practice and tangible product


Positioning The Social Product 

Segmentation Variables
Market Targeting
Product Positioning

Positioning the Tangible Product Base
Similar to positioning a traditional good, we need to consider branding and packaging and think about promoting the tangible object at the same time as the concept

Positioning the Organization and Programme of the Social Marketing Campaign
Somewhat like corporate advertising in traditional marketing, you not only have to market your social product, you also may have to market your organization

Social Marketing of Services

Issues in Services Marketing
Peace Corps
We will work in class in groups to identify all these items first for the "Peace Corps" case in Kotler/Roberto, and then for your social products

Other Units

Introduction Effecting Change Social Marketing Plan Environment Product
Place Costs Promotion Action/Service Influence Groups

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