Elizabeth Lunstrum

Advising: I advise students whose research focuses on political ecology in Sub-Saharan Africa and North America. I am particularly interested in working with students whose research examines the political ecology of international borders and borderlands, people-park relations, conservation and securitization/militarization, or wildlife crime. Interested students should send a brief description of their research interests and relevant background experiences, unofficial transcripts, and current CV.

York's Geography Department is an innovative center of critical scholarship with a robust concentration on political ecology and an engaged graduate student body. Located in the vibrant metropolis of Toronto, York is one of North America's most diverse and dynamic universities. You can find more information on the department here and our graduate program here.

My Students: Please take a look at the exciting research conducted by my very talented students.


picture of dacia douhaibi Dacia Douhaibi Ph.D.   Land grabs, forced displacement, territorialization, biopolitics, South Sudan
Devin Holterman Ph.D.   Extraction, conservation, political ecology, Tanzania, mining, northern Canada
picture of carley mackay
Carley MacKay Ph.D.   Animal geography, biopolitics, spaces of power, factory farms, "humane meat", human-animal relations
Francis Masse Ph.D.   Political ecologies of wildlife crime & international borders, conservation security, Mozambique & South Africa
Colin O'Neil M.A.   Wilderness, nature, conservation, First Nations
Nicia Giva Postdoc   Governance of protected areas, environmental conflicts, parks-people interaction, human-wildlife conflict, action Research, adaptive co-management
James Stinson Postdoc   Environmental governance, neoliberal nature, biopolitics, nature 2.0
picture of Sara Jackson Sara Jackson Ph.D. Alumni 2015 Extractive economies, nationalism, political and cultural geography, creative methods, Mongolia
Adrienne Johnson
Adrienne Johnson M.A. Alumni 2010 Becoming A Boundary Organization: Sawit Watch and the Governance of Smallholder Producers
picture of Yasmine Mohamed
Yasmine Mohamed M.A. Alumni 2012 Making The Links Between Environmental Justice and Immigration: Intersections Between Housing, Health and Neoliberalism In Toronto’s South Riverdale
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