Elizabeth Lunstrum
Conservation Politics in the South Africa-Mozambique Borderlands Political Ecology of International Borders
Environmental Displacement Canadian Conservation in Global Context (CCGC)
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Canadian Conservation in Global Context (CCGC):
Intersections with Asia and Africa

Working in conjunction with Robin Roth (University of Guelph, Geography), I am examining how national parks in Canada are undergoing a rescaling of conservation practice. This emerges from the increased involvement of Aboriginal and local communities and market-based actors as well as neighboring states and national and transnational NGOs. Emerging from shrinking state financial support and demands that parks need to better reflect the interests of a wider expanse of society, this rescaling of Canadian conservation mirrors broader trends impacting protected areas around the world. Reflecting this, we compare the Canadian experience with conservation rescaling unfolding in established research sites in South Africa, Mozambique, and Thailand. We speak to three central themes in the global political ecology literature, including their intersections, which have a direct bearing on the rescaling of conservation practice: (1) a shift toward collaboration with Aboriginal and local communities; (2) increased conservation across international borders and influence of international actors; and (3) the growth of market based interests in parks. Current and planned research sites include the following national parks and park complexes: Waterton-Glacier (Canada-US), Kluane-Wrangell (Canada-US), Banff-Jasper (Canada), Gros Morne (Canada), Auyuittuq (Canada), Kruger (South Africa), Limpopo (Mozambique) and Doi Inthanon (Thailand).

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