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              Croisements des littératures du monde

                               francophone pluriel


  International Network of Inter-Multidisciplinary

                     Francophone Research


             Focussing on Croassroads in Literary Francophone Studies



About Us


Mission Statement

The C-RICEFM is a Research Network focussing on croassroads in Literary Francophone Studies which encourages knowledge creation and dissemination as well as critical thought, on multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary Francophone studies, at national and international levels. It fosters scholarship marked by innovation and critical thought across modalities, and promotes contacts and interactions in context among the different literatures of the Francophone world. Its objective is to bring scholars together, to facilitate cross-cultural communication, and to encourage and fuel research.

The International Network of Inter-Multidisciplinary Francophone Research aims to sustain the Francophone culture and its literary expression within Ontario, while creating solid interdisciplinary links to Quebec and to the international community of Francophone scholars. Canada is a bilingual country and the expansion of its Francophone wing represents a strength that cannot be underestimated at the national level. In this regard, the research network focuses on scholarly and creative publication, in a dynamic and multilevel, multicultural Francophone context.

The Research Network should become a force in how to understand and appreciate historical, sociopolitical, and cultural factors that influence the diverse manifestation of literary and poetic languages in the Francophone community in Canada, in general, and, more specifically, in Ontario. The latter community needs a focus such as this, for it risks isolation, assimilation, and diminution unless it can identify better with its roots and see a cultural future where its aspirations are respected, protected, and fostered.

At a more macroscopic level, the Network will serve the purpose to encourage leading-edge collaborative research and study both within the Francophone world and across the Francophone and Anglophone communities that addresses overarching and central issues of scholarly and cultural importance, inevitably having favorable educational but also political and social impact.

The C-RICEFM offers significant promise to Canadian, Ontarian, and international communities. It will encourage researchers funded through different programs, to get together in workshops, conferences, and presentations in order to communicate ideas and knowledge on a regular basis adding to the dissemination, collective value and impact of their research.


  Founder and Chair  

Lélia Young, PhD.
Associate Professor
York University, LA&PS, French Studies
N 719 Ross, 4700 Keele St.,Toronto, ON, Canada, M3J 1P3
Email : lyoung@yorku.ca


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