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Hugo Grotius

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Key Works by Grotius
  • Mare Liberum [The Freedom of the Seas] (1609). Key work in international maritime law, it was actually part of De Jure Praedae [On the Law of Prize and Booty], which Grotius had written under contract to the East India Company to justify the Company's seizure of a Portuguese ship.
  • De Antiquitate ReipublicŠ Batavicae (1610). History of the Dutch Republic.
  • Meletius, sive de iis quŠ inter Christianos conveniunt Epistola [Meletius or Letter on the points of agreement between Christians] (1611).
  • Pietas Ordinum HollandiŠ ac WestfrisiŠ vindicata [The Religiousness of the States of Holland and Westfriesland] (1613). A vindication of the ecclesiastical policy of the Estates General.
  • De Satisfactione Christi or more properly Defensio fidei catholicae De satisfactione Christi adversus Faustum Socinum Senensem [A Defense of the Catholic Faith concerning the Satisfaction of Christ, against Faustus Socinus] (1617).
  • Bewijs van den waren Godsdienst [On the Truth of the Christian Religion] (1622). Grotius translated it into Latin as De Veritate Religionis Christinae (1627). It established Grotius' renown and was translated into 13 languages, including Arabic and Urdu.
  • De Jure Belli ac Pacis [The Law of War and Peace] (1625). Grotius' key work in political science and international relations.
  • Inleidinghe tot de Hollandsche Rechtsgeleerdheid [Introduction to Dutch Law] (1631). This text became the foundation of law in the Netherlands and its colonies until altered by the Napoleonic Code. It was law in South Africa from 1859 until 1901.
Grotius was also a prodigious and prolific translator, historian, and poet. For a comprehensive bibliography, see Jacob Termeulen and P.J.J.Diermanse, Bibliographie des Úcrits imprimÚs de Hugo Grotius (The Hague, 1950).

Grotius (1583-1645) was a fascinating individual, and I've put together a biography here.

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