Jean Monnet Chair

Willem Maas, Ph.D.
Jean Monnet Chair and Associate Professor
Glendon College, York University
2275 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON  M4N 3M6  Canada

office: York Hall 352
phone: (416) 487-6735
fax: (416) 487-6852
email: maas [at]

Glendon York


Outreach is a way to inform academics, students, policymakers and the public about the Jean Monnet Chair's research and teaching.

Since being awarded the Jean Monnet Chair, Professor Willem Maas has given many lectures and presentations.

Professor Maas has also organized several conferences and workshops.

If you are interested in asking professor Maas to give a lecture or presentation, please contact him at maas [at] yorku [dot] ca.

You may also be interested in lectures and presentations organized by professor Maas under the auspices of the Jean Monnet Chair, listed under "teaching" above.