Fitts' Law Software Download

Are you interested in If so, you've come to the right place.   The applications below provide everything you need.   They are written in Java and the downloads include the source files.

If you are using a PC or MAC, use FittsTaskTwo (2D) or FittsTaskOne (1D).   If you are using an Android device, use FittsTouch (2D & 1D), FittsDragAndDrop (2D & 1D), or FittsTilt (2D).

(see below)
(see below)

GoFitts FittsTaskTwo and FittsTaskOne are now combined into a single GUI app called GoFitts. GoFitts also includes three utitily programs to help with the data analysis. Quick links for GoFitts: GoFitts.jar | API. Source files available on request.

Related Utilities

Several related utilities are available. These can be used with the applications above or within your own code. All are available in the ZIP file for FittsTaskTwo (see above). For details, click below to view the APIs.


  1. The ZIP files contain all the files for the applications. These include source files, class files, documentation, examples, etc. Download the ZIP file if you wish to study the code or customize an application to suit the needs of your own research. If you just want to install and run the application, you don't need the ZIP file.

  2. The JAR files (PC or Mac) are executable. You can launch either FittsTaskTwo or FittsTaskOne from Windows just by double-clicking on the JAR file.

  3. The APK files (Android) are self-contained Android packages. Install on your Android device and an application icon appears on the home screen. Tap the icon to launch FittsTouch or FittsTilt.

  4. The APIs provide documentation on the operation of each application. You should probably begin by reading the API. There you will find all the information you need, including details of the setup parameters and the output data files.

  5. If you are planning on doing an ISO-conforming evaluation or a Fitts' law experiment, consider consulting my recent book, Human-Computer Interaction: An Empirical Research Perspective. It includes all the details on designing a user study, conducting the user study, analysing the data, and writing it all up for publication, etc.

If you have any problems, questions, or comments, please let me know.

Good luck,

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