Human-Computer Interaction:
An Empirical Research Perspective


I. Scott MacKenzie

York University, Toronto, Canada


Last update: January 13, 2017





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Page numbers appear below in parentheses.  These refer to the location in the book where the software or other information in the file is discussed.

Application Downloads

The zip files below contain Java applications, including source files and supporting files for the APIs.  Instructions for running the applications, etc., are found in the APIs.  Refer as well to the page in the book where the application is presented.


Experiment software: (p. 68) (API) (p. 69) (API) (p. 70) (API) (p. 270) (API)

     FittsTaskTwo (p. 291) (API) (p. 317) (API) (p. 317) (API)


Statistics software: (p. 206) (API) (to accompany the Anova2 utility) (API) (p. 211) (API) (p. 216) (API) (p. 218) (API) (p. 218) (API) (p. 221) (API)


Android Downloads

The apk files below are intended for tablets.  The required minimum Android version is 3.0.


  GraffitiExperiment.apk – (p. 69) (Note: For the latest version of this software, please visit my web site for experiment software: click here)


Text File Downloads

  d1-wordfreq.txt (p. 51) (English word-frequency list)

  fr-wordfreq.txt (p. 51) (French word-frequency list)

  de-wordfreq.txt (p. 51) (German word-frequency list)

  fi-wordfreq.txt (p. 51) (Finnish word-frequency list)

  sms-wordfreq.txt (p. 51) (SMS word-frequency list)


Spreadsheet Downloads

  hanzipinyin_statistics_raw.xls (p. 51) (Mandarin Chinese pinyin-frequency list)

  07-StylusTapping.xls (pp. 247-248) (Figure 7.12, Figure 7.13)

  07-FittsLaw.xls (pp. 253-254) (Figure 7.16, Figure 7.17)

  07-InformationInEnglishAlphabet.xls (p. 257) (Figure 7.19)

  07-KLMExample.xls (pp. 263-264) (Figure 7.26, Equation 22)

  07-OptiLearningModel.xls (pp. 276-277) (Figure 7.36, Figure 7.37, Equation 29)

  07-MultipleRegressionExample.xlsx (pp. 280-281) (Figure 7.40, Equation 33)


Other Downloads (p. 316) (in-class experiment similar to student exercise 8-3)



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