Running the Experiment Software

NOTE: The examples here are for the FittsTaskTwo application. For other applications, substitute the correct name.

Running from the command-line

You can run the experiment software from the Command Prompt (Windows), Terminal (OS X), or Xterm (Linux) using the following command:

      PROMPT>java -jar FittsTaskTwo.jar

This method also allows you to specify any optional arguments:

      PROMPT>java -jar FittsTaskTwo.jar configFile.cfg

Running by double-clicking

In Windows, double-clicking the JAR file will also run the software.

Double-clicking also works in OS X versions prior to 10.7.5. In OS X 10.7.5 or later, a message might appear stating that the JAR is from an unsigned (i.e., "unidentified") developer.

To run the software, right-click (or Ctrl+click) the JAR, and select "Open".

Click "Open" to run the software. Double-clicking the JAR file in the future will automatically run it.

In Linux, ensure that the JAR has the execute permission set. The images below will differ, depending on your window manager, but the steps are similar.

Specify the command to open the JAR files.

As the command, type the path to your JRE directory, followed by java -jar %f.