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McLaughlin College
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, ON
M3J 1P3
(416) 736-5128


Location Bar McLaughlin College York University
McLaughlin College Academics

Appropriate Conduct and Academic Honesty

All of the College’s policies and regulations conform to the University’s policies which are set out on pages 127-137 of the York Calendar. All students at York are expected to abide by the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty which is found at page 132 of the York Calendar.

Policy Statement on Frivolous, Mischievous or False and Malicious Allegations

All complaints of offensive, discourteous or unbecoming conduct will be thoroughly investigated, and where such complaints are substantiated the persons responsible will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. The College will not tolerate frivolous, mischievous, or false and malicious complaints and allegations made against other College members. The making of knowingly false allegations is itself a serious offence, subject to severe disciplinary action.

Any Complaints or Serious Problems Should be Brought
to the Attention of the Academic Advisor

Academic Advisor, Terry Conlin
227 McLaughlin College, 416 736-2100 ext. 77092

The M.A.L.L. (McLaughlin Academic Life Line)

The McLaughlin Academic Life Line is staffed by students for students under the direction of the College Academic Advisor. The purpose of the M.A.L.L. is to provide you with the information you need to succeed as a student at York. The M.A.L.L. is staffed five days a week by senior students chosen on the basis of their academic success and knowledge of University life. We can answer your questions about all aspects of life at York, or put you in touch with someone who can.

The M.A.L.L.
Foyer of McLaughlin College
(416) 736-2100 ext. 77084

Dropping a course? Appealing a grade? Choosing a major? Starting a petition? Studying for exams? Writing an essay? Too many parking tickets? We can help!!!

It’s All in the M.A.L.L.

McLaughlin’s Public Policy Programme

The Public Policy Programme brings together students, faculty, staff, and informed outsiders to discuss a variety of policy subjects of interest. Symposia, Panel Discussions, Special Guest Lectures and Seminars are held each term in both the Junior and Senior Common Rooms. You will find that these offerings will supplement your credit courses. Your suggestions are invited. Topics often covered include:

  • The Ontario Political Economy
  • The Canadian Political Economy
  • Issues in Canadian Public Policy
  • International Political Questions
  • Topics in Public Administration
As part of the Public Policy Programme the College co-operates with a variety of University student clubs and faculty associations active in the field of Public Policy such as the Research Programme in International and Strategic Studies, the Centre for Refugee Studies and the Public Policy and Administration Program in Political Science. These student clubs and faculty organizations provide special expertise to students and others. Further information about our Public Policy Programme may be obtained through the Master or the College’s Administrative Assistant.

Centre for Practical Ethics

Location: Research Tower

The centre for Practical Ethics is a University centre for research into various aspects and problems of practical ethics. It has been housed in McLaughlin since its establishment in 1994, recently moving to the York Research Tower in 2009. Together with the Philosophy Department in the Centre administers the Faculty of Arts’ General Certificate in Practical Ethics.


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February 13, 2010